Monday, March 29, 2010

Megan's Birthday Party:)

Yesterday was Great! We were very very nervous to start out. We have a very dramatic moments before the party but we got through it and, it came out great. I hate being the center of attention but someone had to get megan and show her to everyone. Thank god though that she is SUPER shy to where she does not go with anyone at ALL. We started out with just 10 people and then turned into 30 people and thats bc I thought noone was going to come at all! She was soo cute in her little tutu,everyone loved what she was wearing! Some people didnt come but it's ok, they told me ahead of time and they said they would come later to drop off her gift:) We made it at peter piper pizza ,which it is a place that has pizza and games bascically. And there were alot of people. My family said we did a good job with everything, and they has fun:) Im just glad they day is over with. I had no idea it can be so stressful, but I am glad that we had someone help us bc she was a big help. Megan got $260 for her college fund and Im so excited for her! That would put her already about almost 800 for her first year:) almost a $1000 for my goal I have for her. So questions were raised about different senarios on her college fund, Which I will make a blog about that later bc I have some things to say about that.

Oh and may I add I had the worst HEADACHE of my life when I got home!