Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ed Sheeran ATX

About 2 months ago we bought some Ed Sheeran concert tickets. It was kind of tough getting them because Austin is the city of music. They go nuts over anything music. We were able to score some ticket, when I say we I mean Jaime. I had to work that day when tickets were being sold.

Fastforward to this week, I was so excited to get away from home and be with my husband for two days. We never get those kind of days so it's important to really savor those moments.Some thing we were looking forward for was some sleep. We have not slept for a year now and we are just so tired. Honestly, I could sleep for a whole day.

Jaime and I requested some days off for this tiny trip.  It was so much fun we started off the adventure at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning. We stopped at the Guadalupe river. Stayed there for awhile. We did a little walk that felt like I was walking up a mountain. I made it, I needed some water afterwards but it was worth it. I got to put my foot inside the river.

 When we finally arrived at Austin I really wanted to get some macaroons. Megan has always wanted to try some so we went searching for them. I came across a blog called hungry girl austin and she has a link to the best restaurants that make macaroons. So we found a place we could possibly buy some. When we arrived its looked like such a cute little place.

We went in and the I saw the macaroons that I wanted. The waitress then asked me if I wasted to stay for lunch. So I asked Jaime if he was hungry and he said that he could eat. So there we are looking at the menu and I look to the top of the menu and it says Vietnamese restaurant. Uh....what?! I had never had vietnamese food. So order something that she said was in the food network so I ordered it. Jaime ordered some sort of soup. Honestly, the whole time I was waiting for the food. I was hoping I didn't order something really gross.It turned out we did pretty good. It was not that bad. Mine was pretty good. Let me just say though Jaime's soup smelled so gross.  It turned out to be better than what it smelled like. When we finished with food we asked for those macaroons that I had seen before. She informs me that they were black peppered, lavender, with honey. We just told them that we would pass.

After we ate our food we headed to our hotel. We stayed there for awhile before we headed to the concert. It was about 5:30 and it was traffic hour. We waited for awhile on the road but finally found the place. At first we were not sure exactly where it was because we could see the place we just could not get to it. So we had to find a park garage somewhere. We had to walk a couple of blocks but we finally arrived at the arena. We arrived there pretty early. Girls were waiting outside near the unloading area. I was telling Jaime that he was most likely inside already because he has to do a walk through Im sure. Then some lady comes out and she says "ladies, he's inside already". It was so funny. I felt bad for them because some of them really wanted to see him.

The concert was amazing. A man went on stage and propose to his girlfriend. All the while Ed Sheeran was sitting on the side watching this unfold. Oh it was so romantic. I mean each girl was in awe there.

Oh that reminds me of something I told Jaime as a joke that I thought he brought me out to the guadalupe river to propose to me. He just started laughing. I always joke about that.

He put on such a good show. At the end he told us that it was going to be his last song and then when he left no one left and he went back out and sand two more songs. Gosh, he was so great! I can't stop singing his songs now.

In the morning we were still looking for those macaroons.  We found another place called la patisserie and it was so cute! The lady was so helpful. Im just glad that they opened at 8:00 am because everywhere else opened at 11:00 am. After we ate at Denny's we went driving around awhile.  We saw this neat place for artist to tag.  On the way home we stopped at Buckee's and finally came home to pick up our babies from my parents house. I missed my kids so much. I was glad that they were finally with us.