Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Invitations/ B-day place

So we finally booked the place for Megan's birthday party. There were so many things happening these two next months, Dont even have a weekend availbale for Megan's party until now. So March 28th is the day Im super excited, we have so many things to do before that day but not too much because the place we are doing it is going to take care of alot of things for us. Although the day I went to pay for the day the lady gave me a hard time, she was looking at me like " Are you sure you want to book it now" I hate when people try to make me second guess myself. And not only that the lady didnt answer any of my questions. So now I have to talk to the manager the day of the party.

I also did her inviations already im so happy that I finally found a website that did them for me. I could have done them myself but idk thought this would be less trouble for me. I think they came out great and Im really excited.