Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye 2013

Who would have thought I would be pregnant at the end of 2013, because I sure didn't see that coming. Did I plan on it in 2014, yes. Of course we did plan for baby number 2 but we thought it would take longer than expected. So here we are going to be a family of 4 in May and we all can't wait to expand this family of ours.

Looking back this year was pretty amazing.

Dec 31-Jan. 1
We started the year off by taking pregnancy test. Yep, how intriguing is it that on this day last year I was taking pregnancy test. And today I am actually pregnant :).

One of my favorite months of the year. Megan's birthday! It was Megan's birthday all week long this past year. She had never blew her birthday candles on her own and this year she did. In 2014 we will be doing a monster high theme party, as she requested. We also have one more thing in store for her but it wont take place until Spring break.

March was filled with Midterms, birthday cards and parties. Lots of reading was done in this month.

We got a new bed! I know right, the things that grown-ups get excited for but but it was about time that this happened. We really stepped it up a notch on decorating this house but not "fully" but it's o.k. seeing as though its not ours and we will be moving at some point in our lives.

We went to the beach and it was a huge success compared to the last few times we went with Megan. She loved the beach and we got a tone of memories from that beach day. Something very scary also happened this month. Megan got a huge bump from some shots. Lord help me I had a Panic Attack!

My little Megan had a little graduation again. This time she had a cap and gown on. I remember getting teary eyed, through her walking. Megan got a new play set, and she loves it. She still loves it today so that is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is still missing a few items so I don't know what is the hold up on Jaime's part. We also won another amazon kindle, which to be completely honest I have no clue where it it. I wanna say that Jaime has it but I am really not sure. Terrible on our part.

 A Special month.We made the 2nd biggest decision of our lives and decided to start trying for another baby. Scariest thing ever, and was really weird at first because we have been so careful for the last 4 years.  We also tried Japanese candy for the very first time. We also learned that in Japan kitkat is made in many different flavors. The one we got was I believe kiwi flavor.

This month was a pretty exciting month.
From buying a new car to watching my brother walk out as a football player for the first time. Jaime turned 26 years old! This month we also went on a little vacation to San Antonio, we had an awesome time with Megan at Sea World. We made some great memories there, which I was actually thinking about the other day. I hope we can go again this year again with the baby.

We find out about baby #2. I Will never forget the face on Jaime when I told him. Megan starts gymnastics! she loves gymnastics and is getting better every time she goes. Its a joy watching her do her thing. It was also one of the most rainiest month so far in the year.

We had ultrasounds, went to visit my sister in Corpus Christi and Megan was Frankiestein for Halloween. It was the best halloween ever!

Judging by my posts not a whole lot went on this month.We went to a church carnival where Megan had a blast. That weekend was probably the most memorable and the most favorite weekend ever. I mean we don't have a great weekend all the time but that was the most memorable because we were just having fun the whole day. We also bought the baby its first clothing. At this point I have no clue what I am having.

December was all about Christmas. We had our first Christmas shoot, and I have to say that we can do better with our smiles.  Christmas was the best as always, and new year I assume will be not as eventful as Christmas because the weather outside right now is terrible. Its raining and cold. So I dont expect too many people popping firworks tonight. We might just stay in tonight but I am still waiting on a call from my momma.

That was our year, and honestly looking back, I think we had a great year. It was fun and we had a good couple of events that I will remember forever. The only thing I hope for 2014, is for everything to go smoothly and to take more photos, but I say that every year so why break tradition.

The working mom

I have been struggling with something that I know will happen but I don't want to happen. My little baby will not have the opportunity to be at home with me for the first year. This thought has been eating me away. I know that staying at home is not an option anymore because bills pile up and one person in the family cannot do everything in our case. I mean the baby will be able to stay at home for the first two months of his/her life but on the third month I will have to leave him/her with someone other us. This will hurt. I already know I am going to have a hard time with it. I mean I am already in this zone where I am hoping for some kind of miracle like the lottery but I know that it's far fetched, and I just have to be brave and suck it up. I mean I have no choice right?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Behind the scenes from our Christmas

Christmas eve Megan and I spent it alone. Megan said she didnt feel like going out that day so we stayed in an waited for Santa Clause. I spent the whole day pretty much cleaning the house for Santa Clause.Megan said that Santa was not going to go into our kitchen so she was really confused as to why I was cleaning pretty much the whole house, if he was just going to drop off some presents under the tree. We also tracked Santa on Google map. It was pretty neat and Megan was mesmerized that she was able to see Santa move to each country.

The next morning we stayed in bed waiting for Jaime to get home from work. Megan's face lit up when she saw the presents Santa had brought her. Most of her gifts were of monster high. She received a towel of monster high, a Cinderella pillow, two monster high dolls, some bracelets, and a purse. After Jaime and I opened our gifts we headed to my parents house where there were more presents to be unwrapped.

Megan went first and then we went on from there. She always has the most gift so she always has to go first.

After we opened up presents we ate some breakfast. We chit chatted a bit and then we sat down to watch a movie. Megan was ready to leave so that she could play with her gifts at home too. The plan for the day was to visit my uncles house by the lake because he was making a turkey. So around 3 we headed to his house. Before we left though, Jaime took a nap and Megan played with her toys while I cleaned up a little in the living room.

When we arrived at my uncles house some of our cousins were already there. We were fishing, eating, talking, the kids were having fun running around the backyard. I think we stayed there till about 8 pm. I was tired from the day. The baby was making me tired. I just felt so uncomfortable the whole day. My lower back has been killing me lately.

It was a memorable Christmas. I especially liked being with my own little family. This is the last time it will be just the three of us and I have been soaking this time with them.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Instagram dump

Merry Christmas Eve. I think we are watching Christmas movies tonight probably through Amazon because I could not find certain movies at the stores.Also Marshall leave tonight and Santa drops off presents under the tree. Which I still need to draw up a letter from St. Nick. I'm pretty excited this year because I have decided on holding off on sticking presents under the tree till after Christmas eve. So Megan will actually be woken up on Christmas morning to a ton of presents under the tree.

While Megan was at gymnastic Santa came to pay the girls a visit. They had a small party at her ballet class and she really enjoyed the party with all her new friends. I was kind of scared that Megan would start crying when Santa came in. Thankfully when he came in she was happy so see him and so were the other girls. I mean come on look at that huge smile of hers.

About 4 nights ago we made a ginger bread house. It didn't come out the way we thought it would, obviously, but Megan had fun deciding how we should decorate it. Megan and I had a good time making this cute house of ours. I probably should have googled how to make this graham cracker house but I kind of wanted it to come from us.

 Its sad to say but he is leaving soon and we will be saying goodbye to our Marshall once again. He hasnt been doing much lately. I think that he has just been going around the house pretty much getting into things he should not be. This picture was one of those days where he was having some fun.

So the other day I was looking up Vaginal deliveries on youtube and holy crap did that scare me. I think the second time around I am more scared than I was the first time. I find it quite hard that that huge thing comes out of a small little hole. Lord help me those videos are creepy too. Most of those ladies did a natural birth and holy cow I give them a ton of kuddos because I have no idea how they have the strength to do that without drugs. I will be trying to do a natural birth this time again....the first time I could not because of the pain but I am going to try again. I mean it feels like my uterus is being ripped from my stomach so yeah I kind of needed that epidural. I am going to try and go without it as much as I can.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Grocery wars

A couple of days ago I went to the Grocery store. It was just an ordinary shopping trip. I just needed a few items and when I finally went to buy all of the food. It came out to about 70 dollars, not bad right!? Well, I slid my card through the machine and low and behold it says those dreadful words TRANSACTION NOT APPROVED. Of course I had money in the bank but what I failed to mention was that for whatever reason my card (that is not from this state) has been acting weird. I don't know my PIN number so I have just been using it as credit. I guess I "credit it out", I don't know, I have to call to see what has been going on with my card.

So back to the grocery store. I tell the lady that I have to come back and buy my groceries. I was not embarrassed, I was more upset with myself that I forgot about my dumb card. I call my husband and asked him what station he was at because my card was rejected. So I go to the station that my husband is at...then I realize Im at the wrong station. I really have to memorize those station numbers. So I finally get his card and return back to the grocery store, and finally walk out with my groceries. Next time I think I will just take cash. This has been the second time that I have to come back and buy my groceries.Not fun at all.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

What are those presents doing there?

For a couple of weeks I have been hoping that Megan does not find a hint of presents or anything relating to presents around the house because I really want Christmas morning to be magical like my parents did for me. So I have been pretty careful about it or so I thought........

A couple of mornings ago Megan was dressing in our room  where I was looking for some clothes to wear for the day. I have been hiding all presents in our closet. Jaime was looking for something and left the closet door open. While Megan was in our room she got a look at some of the presets that I had hidden in there. I gave Jaime a very interesting look and he went on to explain why they were there. I have no idea what he told Megan, all I thought was holy crap we got caught. She let it go somehow but then another incident happened.

We were in the car and Jaime lent my phone to Megan where I took a picture of one of her presents. All She said was, "did yall get Gigi?". I came up with something and said that I had gotten the picture from the internet. I dont know if she bought it because she was upset that I had not actually bought it. I am afraid though because she will be opening it up on Christmas day. I really hope that she does not put two and two together because she can be pretty smart about these type of things.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

17 weeks today!

How far along: 17 Weeks
Size of baby: turnip
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +3
I had to ask the doctor if the amount I have gained is o.k for 4 month. She was a little concerned but not too much. She said I should be gaining more in the coming weeks.

I told her that it's the weirdest thing because this child of mine has been eating every 2 hours.

Maternity Clothes: yes, but my regular pants still fit.

Boy or Girl: My doctor will be putting the words "boy" or "girl" in an envelope in January and we will be opening that envelope on Megan's birthday.

Movement:a few little kicks here and there but I'm the only one who can feel them.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Things that smell awful like too much cologne.

Sleep: Sleep has been so much better. I'm actually really comfortable. Mostly because Mr. Husband has been sleeping in the other room.
What I miss:Having just a regular stomach
How I'm feeling: A little tired
Cravings: Nothing this week
Looking forward to: Christmas shopping tomorrow with Jaime.

Best moment this week: Telling the name of the baby for the first time to Megan. I guess we had not told her the name. She likes the boys name but she said that the girls name sound like a boys name, which it does,it is just spelled different.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tis' the season to be....scared.

This is my first week of my school break and I thought it was going to be the start of a relaxing, worry free month before I start student teaching in January. Monday started off by Jaime and I watching a very scary movie in the morning called The Conjuring. Freakin' scary movie! 

After we were done watching the movie Jaime and I did some Christmas shopping and was gone for about 2 hours. While we were out Jaime received a call from his captain at the fire station stating that our neighbor who lives across the street had started some kind of fire to their couches. He wasn't really clear on the details. So when we arrived at our house policemen and fire trucks were everywhere on our street.

Our neighbor comes to our house stating that someone broke into their house and tried to light their house on fire! Yes, people broke into their house and stole a few things and tried to light their house on fire!!! I asked her a couple of question and she stated that she never locks her door when she leave. All I'm think was what!? I don't know if they went through their front door, I just know that she states she does not lock the door. I'm sure she will now though.

Oh that's not all. The next day the cops were at their neighbors house besides them. That story, I dont know about, but I do know they were taking finger prints. They claim that the people who came in, came in from the alley way. That goes for the other neighbors too.

So here I am worried that I am doing die over TV's and computers. Which is not a way I want to leave this world. Saying I am scared is an understatement, I don't feel myself anymore because I am so terrified I will have to have to defend myself in my home without Jaime. I really hate when Jaime has to work. I mean the guy only works three days out of a 9 day week but still I need him home with me to protect me:( So pray for me.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Marshall, the elf, has been up to.

Marshall arrived at our home the day after Thanksgiving. He even brought Megan a little pre-Christmas present for her. He brought her a Monster high movie that she really wanted. Monster high is everywhere, right now she is just really into that. Santa has even brought her some gifts that are of monster high already. I found it hilarious that the other day my sister was doing a RA party called "Everyone can be barbie" sort of a "no matter what you look like you can still be barbie",and she was working on the project at my moms house during the Thanksgiving break. Anways my mom was saying how disgusting Megans's dolls looked because they were monster high dolls and me and my sister were just like "oh so the doll has to be pretty, she needs to have flawless skin". We were just messing around with my mom.

Marshall has been on his best behavior and he has been the sweetest around the house. Unfortunately, Marshall sometimes forget to move to a different place after he gets back from the North Pole, so he is forced to think of something fast. Megan looks forward to seeing him every morning and she makes sure that noone touches him because of his Magic. Its the cutest thing, seeing her face light up every morning is just amazing.

Marshall had snowflakes coming down certain parts of the house and Megan was loving every second of it. Those things were not easy to make and hang up.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas This and That

We started doing a little bit of decorating about two days before Thanksgiving. We didn't get a whole bunch of decorations, just a tad. However, now we are in full spirits around here.Oh and even Marshall the elf is back! This year I have been a little more creative with him, however I have not been taking a ton of pictures of him. Its not that I am busy, I just don't get around to doing it.

Megan was really excited to decorate. We even bought her, her own Christmas tree. It is tiny and she was the one who decorated it. Hobby Lobby had 50% off of Christmas decorations about two weeks before Thanksgiving and I just could not pass that up. I would like to go back but its been dang cold outside and has been keeping us indoors. We are obviously Texans because when it is cold we stay under the blankets all through out the cold,except when we need to work of course.

We have also been doing a bit of crafts for Christmas, it is not much but it has been a few. I mostly just like being with Megan and having little talks with her.You can learn a lot about your children when you talk to them:) There have been some other crafts that I have been wanting to do but I need some materials. I dont know if ya'll have that pin with the ornament and a hand painted little hand on it. I tried to find it but I cant. I'll post a picture on Instagram when I finally do it.

We also put a few string of lights in Megan's room. She loves them, especially at night when they are all twinkling:)I wanted to put some different colors of light in her room but I'm so afraid that the lights might make a fire so they are not as on as often. They are only on at night time for a while.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sneak Peak!!!

Into our Christmas photos!
I love the photographs our photographer but I think that Jaime and I look uncomfortable for whatever reason. Megan however looked amazing! She seriously owned that shoot. Then again her momma has been photographing her since she was a newborn, so the girl has some experience in that area. Maybe it's just me but Jaime and I seriously look so scared in most of these photos..and a little awkward. haha. Oh well that's a Christmas pictures for ya right?:) If Megan and I look good in a picture then Jaime looks terrible. We need some practice in front of a camera I guess. hehe

Perfect example is this photo. Megan looks amazing! Jaime, looks like he is ready to leave. Seriously ladies honest opinions. Am I right? We need more practice.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 2

The only Items we were really interested in were two items. An hour before we got there our two friends went to walmart to save our spots in line. I didnt see the harm in getting in line because we were only getting one item. She wasnt getting anything for herself. They just went to walmart to get in line for us to help us out. I had not seen my grandma in a couple of months and I just had to spend time with her which I guess thats why they helped us us. We have been friends with these guys for three years, and all because of the military. Jaime is not in it any more but we still keep in touch with them. We usually do family things with them like fishing and eating out. Just depending on time. They just has a baby not too long ago. Actually, I think I posted that picture up not too long ago.

So anyways we got to Walmart and there were already a ton of people just waiting to open items. We just had to stand in line and not get trampled over. So Jaime and the husband were over at the TV'S and me and her were at the stroller line. We just stood in line to get my item and then I left to see where Jaime was at. He had a voucher to get the tv, so all we had to do was order it online. So we got the TV and the stroller, and I also got some crayons because well, Im a future teacher and passing up on ON SALE crayons is a sin, (just kidding...kinda:)

I was under the impression that once we got our items we were going to leave. Well Jaime decides he wants to see if he can score a certain game for his xbox. The guy hardly ever plays with his xbox but whatever. So we wait there for at least another hour just waiting for the line to move to get to the DVD'S and games. We finally get to the games and to NOT my surprise it's gone.

O.k moving on.. Oh I forgot to mention the crazy people who were getting so close to me during the chaos of Black Friday. I was no kidding holding my belly with my arms like a shield.I mean I was so scared someone was going to bump into me or knock me over and I would fall and end up at the hospital. So I tried to stay away from the craziness.

So we left back to my moms house and told them all about what had happened, and we ate a little bit more before leaving to game stop. My cousins arrived at my house where talked about the babies and some other hoohaa, and I was  falling asleep. If you have been reading my bumpdates you would know that I sleep at 9 pm so staying up late was going to be a tough one. After we said goodbye to our family member we left to game stop where we arrived at 10:15pm.

We stayed there till about 1:40 A.M where we got my brother birthday present and Jaime bought 4 xbox games. Why? Who knows? Then after we got our items our friends decided they were hungry. I know I was about dying of sleep but I didn't want to be rude and I owed them for what they did for us. So we left to whataburger to get some breakfast. I can't really recall the details of what we talked about I just know I was laughing and I can barely remember why I was laughing. I'm too old for this stuff!

When we finally got home, Jaime and I hit the bed and fell right to sleep. The next morning was the worst morning of my life! My head was pounding and I was talking in a very soft voice. I was just not in the mood to speak to anyone. Thankfully Megan was not there because man would I have been irritated really fast. I guess this pregnant girl needed her sleep. We both were dying and we said that never again would we go black Friday shopping. So we are going to break tradition next year because I don't think I can handle it again.