Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 2

The only Items we were really interested in were two items. An hour before we got there our two friends went to walmart to save our spots in line. I didnt see the harm in getting in line because we were only getting one item. She wasnt getting anything for herself. They just went to walmart to get in line for us to help us out. I had not seen my grandma in a couple of months and I just had to spend time with her which I guess thats why they helped us us. We have been friends with these guys for three years, and all because of the military. Jaime is not in it any more but we still keep in touch with them. We usually do family things with them like fishing and eating out. Just depending on time. They just has a baby not too long ago. Actually, I think I posted that picture up not too long ago.

So anyways we got to Walmart and there were already a ton of people just waiting to open items. We just had to stand in line and not get trampled over. So Jaime and the husband were over at the TV'S and me and her were at the stroller line. We just stood in line to get my item and then I left to see where Jaime was at. He had a voucher to get the tv, so all we had to do was order it online. So we got the TV and the stroller, and I also got some crayons because well, Im a future teacher and passing up on ON SALE crayons is a sin, (just kidding...kinda:)

I was under the impression that once we got our items we were going to leave. Well Jaime decides he wants to see if he can score a certain game for his xbox. The guy hardly ever plays with his xbox but whatever. So we wait there for at least another hour just waiting for the line to move to get to the DVD'S and games. We finally get to the games and to NOT my surprise it's gone.

O.k moving on.. Oh I forgot to mention the crazy people who were getting so close to me during the chaos of Black Friday. I was no kidding holding my belly with my arms like a shield.I mean I was so scared someone was going to bump into me or knock me over and I would fall and end up at the hospital. So I tried to stay away from the craziness.

So we left back to my moms house and told them all about what had happened, and we ate a little bit more before leaving to game stop. My cousins arrived at my house where talked about the babies and some other hoohaa, and I was  falling asleep. If you have been reading my bumpdates you would know that I sleep at 9 pm so staying up late was going to be a tough one. After we said goodbye to our family member we left to game stop where we arrived at 10:15pm.

We stayed there till about 1:40 A.M where we got my brother birthday present and Jaime bought 4 xbox games. Why? Who knows? Then after we got our items our friends decided they were hungry. I know I was about dying of sleep but I didn't want to be rude and I owed them for what they did for us. So we left to whataburger to get some breakfast. I can't really recall the details of what we talked about I just know I was laughing and I can barely remember why I was laughing. I'm too old for this stuff!

When we finally got home, Jaime and I hit the bed and fell right to sleep. The next morning was the worst morning of my life! My head was pounding and I was talking in a very soft voice. I was just not in the mood to speak to anyone. Thankfully Megan was not there because man would I have been irritated really fast. I guess this pregnant girl needed her sleep. We both were dying and we said that never again would we go black Friday shopping. So we are going to break tradition next year because I don't think I can handle it again.

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Hilary said...

Preggo hangover! Aren't those the worst!? I felt pretty odd BF shopping, too. At Kohl's (our starting place each year), it's just mass hysteria with people trying to get in and out of places and some people have carts and it's just crazy. I kept trying to squeeze to let people by me, but there's only so much you can squeeze when you have a big belly in front of you. I definitely didn't have as much fun this year because I was so protective of myself!