Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines 2012

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I am Loving  that my 2nd graders were amazing yesterday and I really cannot wait to be an official teacher!

I am Loving that my husband and I had the same idea for Valentines day.
 He made this "why I love you" while he was on drill this past weekend:)

He, of course, made me cry..he knows Im not that kind of girl that cares for bears and balloons as long as anything he gives me is sentimental and from his heart. He knows me well.

I am Loving that he also told me that my last present was on the computer screen, at first I thought I didnt hear him right, and then I open the laptop screen and there is the newest Ipod!!! So I will be getting the newest Ipod today!!..I really need one,Mines old.

I am also loving these pinterest finds

& I am Loving this Man and this cute little 3 year old.


Rebekah said...

So sweet! Sentimental gifts are the very best! I love those pins. I haven't been on Pinterest lately so I need to see what everyone has pinned!

Simply Amy said...

I just love the outfit ideas you found on Pinterest!

Holly said...

So sweet! Love it all

SimplyHeather said...

Wow! I love the outfit selections! So pretty.

Karla said...

Thats exactly what I told my husband I dont care what you get me, all I want is something that comes from the heart! Your presents to each other are adorable!