Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend recap + Tinkerbell party

This weekend was just about Megan and her 3rd birthday party.
I know what your thinking..Didnt ya'll just have a party for her...
We did, you can see those pictures here
This time my husband was able make burgers,
 her aunt was here,her cousins got to spend some time with her as well.
On Friday my mom took Megan out to Dinner while Jaime and I searched for her birthday present and accidently had a little date:) Love those!!
 Saturday we woke up bright and early for the birthday party.

 They gave us a princess box for her cake.

 She loved the decorations!

HER Tinkerbell CAKE!

 Hard at work cooking...Im so proud of him a year ago he wasnt the greatest cook and those burger he cooked for the party were actually pretty good excluding the burned buns of couse hehe:)



Baby Princess


 Crossing my Finger she blew out her own candles...and she didnt.

 With her Auntie Dora

I told Jaime that we are not having a lot of birthday parties next year for her..lets hope we stick with that.

Sunday was a lay low kind of day but after we were both done with homework we went to the Bass Pro shop to see if we could do something about his bow.

I bought this for Valentines day
& the draw weight was pretty hard to pull back.

If ya'll dont know what Im talking about, it's this thing..

 The part where you pull back is the part he needed to fix. Thankfully he just exchanged it. I wont even tell ya'll the wait on that thing...there were so many people.

 That was our weekend..and Im hoping I get my Ipod this coming weekend..because god know I need some kind of tophy for what my husband has been putting me up to.
 Tell ya'll about that later.

We also have a house full of Tinkers today!!!


Rebekah said...

What a fun party for her! The cake is cute! Ugh, I remember Dylan's bow. Something was wrong with his and when he pulled back it snapped and he had a huge cut and bruise along his arm. It was so scary haha!

Holly said...

looks like a great party :)

Gris said...

So cute, so colorfull.

I got the oreos at Fiesta, not sure if y'll have that over there, you can always check HEB. They just came out last week,