Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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 I am loving the puppies my dog(stacy) had!! We woke up to little puppies on Tuesday morning. I had to help Stacy be a little motherly because she looked like she had no idea what to do, so I had to help her lay down and have the puppies find the milk and get them warm.

Warning: Too much cuteness on these puppies!

 I am Loving the silly string fight my husband and I had on Monday:)
I love when that happens!

I am loving the trees I made for my little brothers Texas History Project!
Dont they look awesome?!
 I am Loving this coat that my husband bought me...I had been wanting one forever!
Please disregard the terrible photo quality:/

 I am loving/unloving my uncontrolable baby fever seriously I need some meds:)

 I am loving these pinterest finds!
The Vintage apple

Hunger Games!!!

^I love this one!!!!

I am loving my husband and my little baby girl. Gosh without them I for sure be super bored with life. No doubt!

What are you loving today!?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany + Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty awesome and we had some things to do in the mix.

I went to school early due to turning in a TB test paper because I have to observe a little baby at a Head Start.

and then I had a class for an hour. Then headed home to hang out with my little baby.
We spent the day cleaning our closet because OH.MY.GOD it was a mess in there.
I am able to walk in there now.EEk!
Hubby got home pretty late due to having to attend classes in a town about 45 minutes away.Its really bad on gas:/

I had a meeting with a university because they have a program where we can attend the school I am but get an education at a University level. Its a long process but I will be going to the Texas A&M University of Kingsville this Fall!

After I was done with my meeting Jaime and I went to see a house....we just started to look at houses since he got his firefighter job. We have our down payment which we have been saving our butts off for awhile.

I found a pretty house in a very safe neighborhood which I need if I will be by myself with Megan for 4 days straight (that is how Jaime's schedule will be). Of course we are also looking for a fixer-upper as well.
Unfortunately Two of the bedrooms are very unfinished, To where you can see the inside of the walls. So it's a no but still a very cute house. & so different & there is a little river in the backyard.

Afterwards we did a little shopping:) & ate some
 lunch and at night we saw some movies:)

Was low key I had to apply to the University(pray I get accepted) and I did a spring cleaning with my clothes.
I  have a lot of clothes I don't use.
Hubby played with his truck and his bow. hehehe


You may have noticed my hair is short! Yep after about a year and a half I finally cut my hair! Seriously it was so gross! The ends were gross and I didnt really know what to do with it anymore..and well lets face it Im a mom I dont have time to do all these kinds of things to it.

I found this flyer on one of the boards at school.
 I was really excited to show my dad, he loves Paranormal stuff.

I am In love with The Hunger Games (slightly obsessed) we are going to see that movie the day it comes out!
 I read these books in three day..I didnt get a lot of sleep:/
I have found some stuff on Etsy and Im hoping my husband reads this post and buys me this coin bag! 

For husband: you can purchase it HERE:)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

You are my sunshine

So I have been having some really sweet moments with Megan but last night made top 5 sweetest moments.
 My little baby sang me  "You are my sunshine" song to sleep. We were both in bed and she just started to sing the song to me while touching my face.

I started to cry,because seriously how does life get better than that.

I really love moments like that.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I cant wait to hear about them on Monday:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beautiful Love song

I may have found our wedding song:)
I hope my husband likes it.

It is from Breaking dawn but it is incredibly amazing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend recap + Tinkerbell party

This weekend was just about Megan and her 3rd birthday party.
I know what your thinking..Didnt ya'll just have a party for her...
We did, you can see those pictures here
This time my husband was able make burgers,
 her aunt was here,her cousins got to spend some time with her as well.
On Friday my mom took Megan out to Dinner while Jaime and I searched for her birthday present and accidently had a little date:) Love those!!
 Saturday we woke up bright and early for the birthday party.

 They gave us a princess box for her cake.

 She loved the decorations!

HER Tinkerbell CAKE!

 Hard at work cooking...Im so proud of him a year ago he wasnt the greatest cook and those burger he cooked for the party were actually pretty good excluding the burned buns of couse hehe:)



Baby Princess


 Crossing my Finger she blew out her own candles...and she didnt.

 With her Auntie Dora

I told Jaime that we are not having a lot of birthday parties next year for her..lets hope we stick with that.

Sunday was a lay low kind of day but after we were both done with homework we went to the Bass Pro shop to see if we could do something about his bow.

I bought this for Valentines day
& the draw weight was pretty hard to pull back.

If ya'll dont know what Im talking about, it's this thing..

 The part where you pull back is the part he needed to fix. Thankfully he just exchanged it. I wont even tell ya'll the wait on that thing...there were so many people.

 That was our weekend..and Im hoping I get my Ipod this coming weekend..because god know I need some kind of tophy for what my husband has been putting me up to.
 Tell ya'll about that later.

We also have a house full of Tinkers today!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Think Tink!

So this weekend we are having Megan's little party and I am pretty
 excited on the decorations and the little games we are going to play.
 Its going to be a small little party just so that she can have a fun time and she can blow her candles out.