Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1 month old!

 Seriously where did the time go? This has been the scariest, amazing transition to having two kids. Life has been in a fast pace lately. The days go by so fast, by the time I know it, it's already 1 and I have to pick up Megan from daycare. The coming days are the ones that I am going to be most afraid of because dad goes back to work and I am going to have to do this on my own with you and Megan.

So what exactly have you been doing other than keeping all of us up at night?!:)

 You still wear Newborn diapers but daddy and I think we should switch you to 1's because the newborns are fitting a little snug. While we are talking about diapers let me just say that you have peed on both me and daddy. However, you have only pooped on me, and I want to say you have pooped on me about 5 times. I think you wait for me to change you, and you just let everything flow during. The first time it happened dad said that if it happened to him, he would have thrown up. We go through so many diaper because of it. All those poopy diapers are just a reminder that you are eating well and you are a healthy boy.

Places you have been to in one month: Kingsville(overnight),ballet show, Megan's gymnastics, Half off bookstore,TGI FRIDAYS,buffalo wild wings, Target.

We are still nursing! I am so proud of both of us. I love that nursing has been the easiest thing for us. You have no problem latching. We know you are hungry because you either suck on your hand or if we are carrying you, you will turn to the side and open your mouth. Dad laughs when you do it to him, he has to remind you that he doesn't have boobies. I don't pump often. It's really hard to get a good amount of milk. I don't know if it's because you drink every ounce of milk from me already, or Im just not producing enough but either way you are well fed and that's really all I care about, besides I am not going anywhere for the summer.
 I think you eat about every two hours which is brutal for me at night. Daddy helps with the feeding which is great but some days you eat more than what I have stocked for you, so some nights Im up with you and I'm dying of sleep. You take forever to eat by the way. The longest you have taken to nurse is one hour.

I think you would rather be snuggled with your daddy than with me but it's o.k I like to share you with daddy. Everyone is going crazy for you! Grandma is addicted to you, I think we are all just excited that there is a boy in the family. Too many girls, calls for drama, so having a boy is kind of amazing.Your little sister is just amazing with you like I knew she would. Everyone said she might be jealous or that she might have a hard time. I kept reminding everyone that mom and dad made you because your sister wanted you. So I really doubted we awere going to have problems in that department. Guess what?! I was right. She loves you so much and always wants to carry you. She calls you papi, and she is always willing to help change you.

Happy One month baby boy!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just a few photos

 Here are just a few photos I snapped of my two babies yesterday. Theses were the only ones that came out close to satisfactory after I tweaked them a little. I obviously need more lighting in my house. I need to figure out where the sun is at what time. I have a million windows, the only thing is the sun likes to hide sometimes.

Tomorrow my husband said that he is making me a backdrop. I'm hoping he finishes it tomorrow just in time for Andrew's one month pictures. Since I know I will not be taking as many pictures as I did with Megan. I thought I could at least do this for him.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sleep is for the weak!

Sleep has been a thing of the past. I hate not having my sleep, I really wish that my little boy knew that night time is for sleeping time. He has been pretty good for the most part. He wakes up during midnight and wakes up again at 3 in the morning then again at 5 am. Some nights are pretty bad though, like two nights ago when he was pretty much waking up every hour. I thought I was going to die of no sleep. I kind of knew this is how I was going to feel because I already get upset when someone disturbs my sleep. So Jaime and I have set up a system. He feeds him at midnight and by 3 and 5 Im pretty much awake during the nursing.

However, my husband goes back to work in a few weeks. So far Jaime has been at home for about a month. I have been spoiled, he has not gone to work in that time. It's been such a nice time with my husband, he has been so helpful and it has been such a nice transition from having one baby to two.

I have to admit it has not been that hard with a second baby. Of course though, I have yet to do this on my own but for the most part I think this has been pretty easy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Last week on May 9th I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Education and it was one of the proudest days.

Let's back up just a little though and document how our trip was. We woke up on Thursday a little late needing to leave. For whatever reason we have been a little late to events. Usually we are way early for events but recently we have just been on time for most events now. Let's just blame it on having a baby shall we? Both of the babies didnt cause much trouble on our way over there, "Megan asked 3 times if we were there yet?" It was pretty funny.

So a couple of days before we booked a hotel room. Kingsville is a very small town in Texas and apparently there are not many hotels. So we were pretty much late on booking a room for all 4 of us. That being said when we arrived at our hotel it was a total flop. We hated the room. I mean we hated the room so much that we only stayed for one night when we booked it for two nights. First off, it smelled like smoke and lets just say that It was as if someone had died there. We even went to HEB to get a febreze spray. I may be going over board but it was so bad that my husband didn't even want to stay there, and that says a lot when he opts out of staying at a place that he paid for. We would have paid for another room but since it was a small town and many people were coming from out of town for graduation there were no available "nice" hotel rooms. Every where was booked! Room wise it sucked!

The day before graduation we went to the bookstore to buy souvenirs from the school. Let me just point out it was the first time I had ever been to the actual campus. See I went through a program where the professors went to us. We live about 2 hours away so we never had to go to the school to "attend" the school. So when I told the lady that I was lost and didn't know where the restrooms were, I told her that I had never been here. She looked at me like I was crazy. So I bought a sweater and a shirt that says Texas A&M-Kingsville. I was all smiles with my new clothes:)

That night we went to Corpus. It is only an hour away to get some dinner. My sister lives there and my dad was picking her up to go to my graduation the next day.  We met up and had dinner with them at TGI Fridays. I had fun with them and it was nice to being just us with our dad. That hardly ever happens, we are usually with our mom.

On Friday morning Jaime went to get some food from McDonalds and we didn't get ready till 11:00 am. My graduation was going to begin at 4:00 and we needed to be there by 3:00. My family needed seats and of course I needed to find out where I will be walking. We arrived at the school at about 2:30. I was dying just waiting for the graduation to begin. I was nervous and I was just hoping that I would not fall onstage. Thankfully, I didn't. This moment was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had finally accomplished my dream. I'm sure my parents were also very proud that I was the first in my family to receive a bachelors degree. I'm also thankful that my baby girl was there to see me graduate. She came and hugged me and said that she was proud of me so did my husband and it was the sweetest thing. Loved it!

After graduation we went looking for a restaurant. Of course the wait time was insane. Most places was up to 45 minutes of wait time. So we left home. It was only 2 hours away and we would eat there in our home town. We actually got home pretty fast. Thank god too, because there was a thunderstorm headed our way. So we beat the rain and we were able to eat out peacefully. Also, I got to sleep in my own bed and not in that crummy room they call a "hotel room". So that was great. The next day we stayed at home. We were all so tired.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Don't they look alike?

Call me crazy but my babies look alike. My mom claims that Andrew does not look like me and  Megan. However, I think they looked alike when Andrew was a couple of days old. Now if you see him he is getting his own features and he is looking more like his daddy. I wish I had a picture of my husband when he was a baby but I don't.

I still have yet to take his newborn pictures. Life has been a little crazy around here lately. Every week we have something new.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Andrew's Birth Story

First of all, thank you to the ladies for the well wishes and the comments from my breastfeeding post. I loved hearing your stories, and I was very touch by your kind words.

 This birth story is going to be a doozy so just be aware:)

On April 25th, I was looking forward for the field trip my class was going to take. I was on cloud 9 that morning. I was just the happiest ever. I mean seriously I was singing and telling Megan and Jaime "It's Friday, and it's my last day!!" It was my last day of student teaching and I was going on a field trip and eating at Mr. Gattis. Oh gosh, I was looking forward for it. I got to school and I walked into the class, I was talking to the kids about the field trip and they were telling me that they wanted a picture with me and I told them, and I quote, "Guys we have all day long to take that picture."  It's sad that we never actually take that picture with my students.

The last photo before he came

Then out of nowhere I feel something something wet "down there" and it was not stopping.This was at about 8:15 am. I power walk to the bathroom and find lots of water stuff. I'm just freakin' out like, what in god's name is this crap. Yes, I said crap I also said something along the lines of " What the F*** is going on?"

When the water sort of stops, I go back to the classroom and inform my teacher that I think my water broke. Her words were "Oh, shit." Then I tell her that I'm going to call my doctor and see what she says. I go back to the bathroom and make my call. The nurse gives me some advice but in the end I make my decision and decide I'm going to the hospital.

I tell my teacher and she wants to know if I want to be followed, at first I tell her no, that I will be fine, but she insists so, the other student teacher drove behind me while I drove to the hospital. All the while I was having contractions.

I call my mom, and Jaime on the way over there. I tell Jaime that I think my water broke but Im not 100% sure but I'm still going to the hospital just in case. I tell him to just go about his work day until I tell him that it's official since it was his first day back to work.

Love the smile my husband has:)

So I get to the hospital. My mom is already there we are trying to find parking. We have to park at the other end of the dang hospital. I walk a good while. My mom is cursing the people who made the parking lot. We finally get to the hospital, they tell me I have to register. I hear about every other word that the lady is saying because I am having contractions. There is water still coming out of me (freakin gross!!!) and my mom is writing down all my information in the paper work.

They finally admit me. They are talking to me like If I can actually understand them through all the contractions going on.

A couple of other events happen but it all revolves around that dang water coming out of me. It was so embarrassing I thought I was peeing too. Seriously, I was just yelling at my body to stop doing that.

My awesome doctor comes in. She talks to me. She tells me to focus on my breathing. I swear she was such an amazing doctor. I mean she made me feel so comfortable, she got me some warm pads to make me feel better, she gave me ice chips, she was getting stuff for my husband and mom. I mean she was just making us feel so comfortable as possible.

She even told me that I had a high tolerance for pain. I'm glad someone else noticed:) I thought I did too.  I ask her soo am I staying here. She said yes, I will be having a baby today. In my head all Im saying "oh, my god, and I thought I was going to have an easy day. It's about to get really painful."

So finally my husband and mom come in, my husband comes in and gives me a kiss on the head and mom is asking what did the dr say. While all this is going on my contractions are coming every 2-3 minutes. I was doing all my breathing stuff and it was working.

I remember towards the end, I was telling mom that I could not do this. I asked for an epidural but my doctor said that it was pretty much too late that I would have the baby in the next 45 minutes or less. It would be a waste to do so but of course the pain was so bad that I told her to please get it anyway. I remember my mom and my husband telling me I was doing great. I was honestly scared and It was so painful. I had no idea how I was going to push him out.

Finally after some pushing he was here and he was perfect. I remember repeating "Thank you god, he is here." Im sure the nurses thought I was weird saying that over and over again. I was so worried for him breathing, I kept asking if he was o.k. They laid him on me and he was a bit slimy from his head but other than that his cry was the most amazing thing I had ever heard and he was perfect. His lungs were amazing and I was just so happy that he was here with us.