Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1 month old!

 Seriously where did the time go? This has been the scariest, amazing transition to having two kids. Life has been in a fast pace lately. The days go by so fast, by the time I know it, it's already 1 and I have to pick up Megan from daycare. The coming days are the ones that I am going to be most afraid of because dad goes back to work and I am going to have to do this on my own with you and Megan.

So what exactly have you been doing other than keeping all of us up at night?!:)

 You still wear Newborn diapers but daddy and I think we should switch you to 1's because the newborns are fitting a little snug. While we are talking about diapers let me just say that you have peed on both me and daddy. However, you have only pooped on me, and I want to say you have pooped on me about 5 times. I think you wait for me to change you, and you just let everything flow during. The first time it happened dad said that if it happened to him, he would have thrown up. We go through so many diaper because of it. All those poopy diapers are just a reminder that you are eating well and you are a healthy boy.

Places you have been to in one month: Kingsville(overnight),ballet show, Megan's gymnastics, Half off bookstore,TGI FRIDAYS,buffalo wild wings, Target.

We are still nursing! I am so proud of both of us. I love that nursing has been the easiest thing for us. You have no problem latching. We know you are hungry because you either suck on your hand or if we are carrying you, you will turn to the side and open your mouth. Dad laughs when you do it to him, he has to remind you that he doesn't have boobies. I don't pump often. It's really hard to get a good amount of milk. I don't know if it's because you drink every ounce of milk from me already, or Im just not producing enough but either way you are well fed and that's really all I care about, besides I am not going anywhere for the summer.
 I think you eat about every two hours which is brutal for me at night. Daddy helps with the feeding which is great but some days you eat more than what I have stocked for you, so some nights Im up with you and I'm dying of sleep. You take forever to eat by the way. The longest you have taken to nurse is one hour.

I think you would rather be snuggled with your daddy than with me but it's o.k I like to share you with daddy. Everyone is going crazy for you! Grandma is addicted to you, I think we are all just excited that there is a boy in the family. Too many girls, calls for drama, so having a boy is kind of amazing.Your little sister is just amazing with you like I knew she would. Everyone said she might be jealous or that she might have a hard time. I kept reminding everyone that mom and dad made you because your sister wanted you. So I really doubted we awere going to have problems in that department. Guess what?! I was right. She loves you so much and always wants to carry you. She calls you papi, and she is always willing to help change you.

Happy One month baby boy!!

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