Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

What Im loving Wednesday:)

I am loving that I will be in my husband arms in No time!!Ahhh!!!
Im so happy!! This nightmare is almost over.

I am loving that I have started school, I have met alot of nice people already and I cant wait to make more friends.

I am loving this picture that I took of Megan a couple of days ago.

She's my favorite Little Girl

I am loving that The Big Band theory DVD is coming out really soon.
I am in love with the Big Band Theory!

I am Loving my pinterest finds:)

I am loving these two people:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

What Im loving Wednesday!!

Link up with Jamie

I am loving that I have officially joined Pinterest...yep crazy! I would just save the pictures and save the websites:) So yay! Here are the finds for this week.

Isnt this super cute!!

I want a polaroid soo badly. I think Ive mentioned it before:)


This looks is amazing..I wish I could pull this off.

I am out to find these heels for the Marine Corps Ball. Not sure if I will match to him but oh well.

This ring is soo beautiful..its an $88.00 so I will have to really beg my husband for him to get it:p

I have lots of converse pictures..Im looking for a specific outfit.

Might have posted this already but its super cute

& It so weird because Im not really a pink fan.

Im loving the phone calls Megan and her Dadda have.....on the play phone that she has.

I am Loving that my husband is very into the wedding..haha Ive mentioned this before
 but he told me to send him
all my ideas so that he can get a better picture of what to do..

We have chosent the colors Navy Blue and White:)

& he is so organized...seriously it really shocks me he wants to be part of this...I guess Im just lucky:)

Please pay no attention to his bloody picture he's fine..he just got in a fight with his rifle.

Th blank parts was a different convo:)

I am Loving that I will try a new recipe today..hopefully it comes out great.

I am Loving The Secret Life of the American Teenager!!
Ricky is the cutest person ever to Amy..I love that he is enjoying all things Amy is doing for him for that proposal when he is already going to propose either cute!!

I am Loving that My husband and I have a collge fund for Megan.
My sister is having to need money for College left and right and to tell you the truth it really scares me when the time comes for my baby to go to school. This is why Im sooo happy that Jaime and I knew that she would need the money for school every when Megan turned 7 months old...we opened an account for her so she will be ok at least for the first year in college and maybe the second.

But Jaime and I realized oh crap what about our second baby...hahaha we got to figure out something for  him..notice I say "him"=)

Happy Wednesday day Ya'll, Big Brother tonight for those of you who watch the show:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well My weekend went by so fast I didnt really get to enjoy it.
I purchased the book 'The Help' I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this book and Oh.My.God it was really good. I wanted to read 'Water for Elephants' but it didnt intrigue me.

This was me most of Friday,Im a reader:)

My sister has officially left for College. I miss her already. We left bright and early from our Home and got to Corpus Christi around 8:45am. She will be living on campus and Im so excited for her,we had to do some grocery shopping for her and some last minute things.

She is pretty lucky, her roommate is our cousin!! Which Im really relieved I would not want her to have a movie nightmare like "The Roommate"..that movie is so creepy.

So some of our family memebers were already there. I felt like I needed to take pictures for my sister,
She will have pictures of her first day in college to show her children one day someday.
It was an important day for all of us but especially my sister.

My mom started crying when we were leaving....I wanted to laugh...not to be mean,it's just we were there for like 3 hours and my sister already got invited to a party!!! So I kept telling my mom that she was going to be fine and she is goign to have a blast here!!

Anyways here are some pictures of that day

My sister

Our cousin/her roommate

One of my other cousins

Megan & Mommy

Her room
It was a very nerve-wreaking day but still pretty fun-ish:)

It was my dads 47th Birthday.

About two weeks ago he told me he was turning 49,well I put it on my calendar "Dad turns 49".
On Saturday we discusse what we were going to for his birthday and turns out he is 47!

My dad tends to lie to us about his age, he said he likes to says a big number so that people will compliment on how young he looks LOL! My dad is funny.

So that is why I put a question mark at the end of 47:)

So that was my weekend it was ok. next weekend we are having a Garage sale.
 I have to look for all my stuff. I will hopefully
 sell my baby's clothes because I have wayy to much of that.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Its not mommy anymore...its mom:(

[Warning:Mommy post]

I cannot express how addicted I am to my daughter. I drop her off at daycare because well, I feel like
she enjoys going even though I am left by myself doing chores:( She talks about her friends all day long and what they do, as much as I enjoy hearing her stories about daycare she is just growing up faster and faster each day,and I wonder if she talks about me to her friends,I know she talk:)s about her daddy to everone but uh hello what about your mommy?

I had been dreaming of her since I was 3:) Of course right?, which little girl didnt make a doll into her own baby.

I do have to admit when she was born I didnt feel that connection right away*gasp* I know right? What a horrible mother I am,well if you must know I blame it on the drugs I took for the birth....cuz I really cant even remember most of those two days in the hospital. I amm soo not going to take drugs next time..or at least take as few as I can,I want to feel everything next time,even though it is absolute pain and I can still feel the pain to this day.

But oh boy I cant believe how much I am sooo in love with her, I mean the girl drives me nuts,but holy crap she is soooo smart. I know right? I have to say that she is my daughter. But no, really, people that know us always are astonished at the things that megan does and says. I have to admit she does outsmart me a couple of time:/ Crazy!

I stare at her at times...I have to just stare and stare at her becuase Im so afraid that these moments are going to just pass me by...and as I sit here crying because she is growing up I can wait to see her get married and walking down the isle with her daddy to marry the man of her dreams.

She's growing up so fast and my husband and I have thought of college for her. I have been thinking of her wedding, what kind of girl she might be in high school. Teaching her about boys, having the sex talk, and the list goes on. Oh man she is growing so fast and It breaks my heart. She fills my heart with love and joy though. I so happy that I will always have her in my life. I will never feel alone because I have her:) Shes my baby girl. Shes my everything. I have dreamt of her forever she is 1 of 2 people I cant live without.

Ya'll are probably thinking oh the woman has gone over the edge with her daughter.hahaha

I just really love my daughter and I really need to spend even more time with her.

As for the title of this post my daughter now calls me mom instead of mommy.
Its been two days and I think its pretty much killing me.
Why am I not mommy anymore?
I dont want to be called mom.
Im mommy!

I have not told her that,she can call me whatever she wants,I just hope she does not think Im gonna stop giving her a million kisses just cause Im now mom.

& I almost forgot to tell you,she is the most funniest kid ever! I think she just likes to make me laugh.
I dont know from who she got her humor from but it's not from me of Jaime because we are not funny people but she is seriously a comedian!

ok I'm going to stop here because I could go on an on. Hers a picture of her yesterday being funny!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

Oh no Is it really Wednesday Already? These days are just flying by.

Link up with Jamie to join the fun:)

Im Loving these possible  homecomings outifts I was looking at last night at 1 in the morning.

as you can see Im more of a jeans girl..I would love to wear a dress but still not entirely sure.

Im loving that I will be dropping off my sister for college this weekend, I was hoping to have a weekend getaway with my family but my siblings have to get ready for school on Monday and I have plans with my dad on his Birthday:)

I am loving that our window dates are still dead on=)Ahh no changes=) and that our NATO team is on US soil!!Ahh.
Now all we need is our guys!!!

I am loving that UPS has fixed the problem with my address,for months my packages have been coming days later, and it was so frustrating but finally they have fixed the problem:)

I am loving that I spoke with my husband today!!!!

I am loving this blog,even my husband loves it sooo it has to be good. They have two houses that they remodeled and they had a wedding on a budget and they also have a list of projects and how they did them and they also have photography tips. Visit them you wont regret it:)

I am loving that A Bass Pro Shop will be opening soon here in town. I can guarantee we will be there every weekend! oh geez,Im planning something for my husband that incorporates the shop & I hope he loves it!

& I am Loving my two favorite people=)

hahah doesnt he look hilarious,Im assuming he was talking.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Treats

I made these delicious treats yesterday! I know right, they look so good.

Please dont eat them if you have diabetes though, they are very sweet.

I wanted to show you how I made is the link of where I fount it=)

All the ingredients

I always use parchment paper,for me it's a must.

Sorry Its sideways, pretzels first..

and important preheat oven to 275 degrees
& leave them in for 3 minutes
 Then leave them in the regfrigerator until read for snacking=)

2. A planner

I am always planning for the next day or making a list of everything I need to buy or do. Oh gosh my list always goes on and on. I am also very organized with my days lol Im sure Jaime sometimes gets annoyed by it, but I think Im worse now than what I was.

3. Homecoming Banners
I am now working on my last banner and I really wish I could post some picture of it but I really want for my husband to be surprised by it but I WILL be posting up the the pictures soon;) Ahhhh!! Im so excited for my husband coming home. Sorry If Im always talking about it but can you blame me, it's been a loonngg time.

4. Ross  & Target...and Thrift store?
My husband gave me a limit on my spending this weekend and I think I went over board,shhh dont tell my husband hahaha. I actually got the wrong sizes on some things but I finally went back and got my sizes and I am in love with the blouses I bought. I have mentioned Here that I go to a thirft store and im not ashamed I love their clothes they have so many designer and their clothes are in great shape!

 These Blouses are from Ross: 

& of course I had to buy these cutie little sneakers for Megan

This cardigan is from Target..I am in love with it.

Thirft store

This may be my homecoming outift...still got lots to add but it's still a maybe.

5.Coin Holder?
My dad bought this at a garge sale Im using it as a place to put my loose change..Im assuming thats what it's for.hahaha put I love it!

please disregard the dust:/

Happy Monday everyone=)
(Sorry If I dont have the greatest spelling..I type fast:/)