Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

What Im loving Wednesday!!

Link up with Jamie

I am loving that I have officially joined Pinterest...yep crazy! I would just save the pictures and save the websites:) So yay! Here are the finds for this week.

Isnt this super cute!!

I want a polaroid soo badly. I think Ive mentioned it before:)


This looks is amazing..I wish I could pull this off.

I am out to find these heels for the Marine Corps Ball. Not sure if I will match to him but oh well.

This ring is soo beautiful..its an $88.00 so I will have to really beg my husband for him to get it:p

I have lots of converse pictures..Im looking for a specific outfit.

Might have posted this already but its super cute

& It so weird because Im not really a pink fan.

Im loving the phone calls Megan and her Dadda have.....on the play phone that she has.

I am Loving that my husband is very into the wedding..haha Ive mentioned this before
 but he told me to send him
all my ideas so that he can get a better picture of what to do..

We have chosent the colors Navy Blue and White:)

& he is so organized...seriously it really shocks me he wants to be part of this...I guess Im just lucky:)

Please pay no attention to his bloody picture he's fine..he just got in a fight with his rifle.

Th blank parts was a different convo:)

I am Loving that I will try a new recipe today..hopefully it comes out great.

I am Loving The Secret Life of the American Teenager!!
Ricky is the cutest person ever to Amy..I love that he is enjoying all things Amy is doing for him for that proposal when he is already going to propose either cute!!

I am Loving that My husband and I have a collge fund for Megan.
My sister is having to need money for College left and right and to tell you the truth it really scares me when the time comes for my baby to go to school. This is why Im sooo happy that Jaime and I knew that she would need the money for school every when Megan turned 7 months old...we opened an account for her so she will be ok at least for the first year in college and maybe the second.

But Jaime and I realized oh crap what about our second baby...hahaha we got to figure out something for  him..notice I say "him"=)

Happy Wednesday day Ya'll, Big Brother tonight for those of you who watch the show:)

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