Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre-deployment Post

I have read countless blog about husbands coming home from Afghanistan but Ive also seen alot of women say that their husband didnt come home. I am going to tell you the truth. Im not taking this 2nd deployment very good. He has not left yet but it's right around the corner, and I cant even begin to tell you how I feel. My emotions are just all over the place.

About two years ago my husband came home from Iraq and to say that he was the same man I saw leave to Iraq would be a lie. My husband did change, and I learned how to grow with it. He was not as cuddly as he used to and we would get upset very very fast. But I put faith in us and he has made so much progress since then, it is unfortunate though that he is leaving again and we are going to have to go through this again. But I want to do this again, I know I can handle him, and  I know Im the only woman who is going to be able to get him though this.

I know that I am going to have to have a talk with him about the 'what ifs', I dont want to and Im sure he does not want to either, but It is something we need to talk about.

I do want to let my husband know that I am here for him. I will stand by him through the bad. I will be his ears if he needs me to be. I want him to know that he can count on me for anything. If he needs help when he comes back, I want him to know that I will find him the help he needs.

Jaime, you are the person I want to grow old with so you need to come back home to me so we can see our grandchildren someday and fullfill our dreams together.Sweetie,you promised me last time that you would come home.....I need you to make that promise one more time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Misc. Monday & Christmas Recap

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas, I know I have not blogged in a couple of days so I will start on the day my husband came home.

P.S I will try not not make this a long post but I promise there will be lots of pictures:)

(Traffic) It was Wednesday night when Jaime was coming home, the airport he came in is 45 minutes away from the town I live in. So my dad and I left to pick up Mr.G and my dad and I didnt realize that the mall was very close to the airport. So there my dad are I were, a block away from the airport but the long line of cars would not move so we were getting very upset! So long story short we were late to pick up my husband because of all the craziness at the mall:( I felt horrbile. I asked him if he felt bad, he said no it's ok. So I felt a little bit better but next time I am going SUPER early next time....not that there will be one, this is his last time home till he comes back from Afghanistan:(

Always with my iPod

(We are approved for a home loan but not a computer?) Remember a while back when I told you all I was going to get a new computer?....yeah that didnt work out so good. 
So it was the day before Christmas Eve and it was a mad house at Best buy, but somhow we got help, so we started to get paper work going for a credit card from Best Buy. After 10 minutes they tell us we were not approved. We were really shocked, because we are approved for a home loan of a good amount for a home but they could not approve us of a credit card? It was just so odd to me, So Im stuck with my computer again:( oh well could be worse.

<>  <>
Had to put him to work..he does not mind he LOVES doing this.

Shopping day

That night we ended up going to grandmas house so here is the Tree in a better picture:)

(Christmas Eve) We went to visit Jaime's mom and brother, and let me just point out that my husbands brother has the most AWESOME mil! She is the sweetest lady ever!

Afterwards we were going to church but we were just so tired from the day we didnt go to to church!Shocking I know! I felt really bad about it but we ended up just at home playing a game of screw your neighbor. Which my sister won the pot of $10.50. After the game we just sat around watching Chritsmas movies and writing our letters to Santa and baking cookies:)

(Christmas Day)It's sad to say but I stayed all day in Pjs not sure if that is good but I did it.
We didnt do much excpet for family to visit us,play games,exchange gifts, & some football:)

In our family it's tradition for Me to wake up everyone Christmas morning:) I woke up my sister to find a bike that Santa left her.

p.s we got lots of gifts but it would take forever to put all of the pictures  :/

"Shwek" her way of saying "shrek"

                                             I got him tickets to a Basketball game:)

                                                             He needed one really bad!

He finally has his own:), and now he cant seem to put it down unless he really has to

I cant wait to start reading my book! AHHH!
Nicholas Sparks 'The Lucky One'

This was Megan watching Shwek, can you tell she loves him!

Love these!!!!

They are sweats the hubs got for me

(The sixth sense) Let me start by saying I have a sixth sense, Ive had it long as I can rememeber, I have these feelings when something bad is going to happen, or I should say something very unexpected. Well I told everyone to be on their toes in the morning, and guess what?, my car broke down right before we were headed to the basketball game ,so we left back home and picked up my moms truck. So now you know my secret. Im not making it up I really do have those feeling somtimes and they end up being bad things.

This was a picture I shot in my car before we knew what was going to happen.

This was a very fun date, next tickets Im getting him are for baseball:)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Im loving

There is one thing that is something Im beyond Loving today!!

Im Loving my hubby comes home sometime today!!!:)
Phone pictures:/

Im Loving that usmc love on Facebook is doing another book!
I cant wait to see my story in the book, not sure if I put all the info in there but im hoping to send the book to Jaime in afghanistan as a surprise.(if he does not read it here first.)

Im Loving that I put my grandmas tree by myself!
My grandma is very old and I cant believe no one put up her Christmas tree. So I asked her if she wanted me to put it up, she said yes please. I didnt know that this tree was so huge! I almost quit but I really wanted my grandma to have a tree for Christmas. It took me a long time but I did it!:) and my grandmas face was priceless when I was finished.

Another phone picture:/
Im Loving that Christmas is in 3 days!!!

Im Loving this shirt that hubbs bought Miss M

I hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday, I know I am.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{Pictures} I feel bad because I did not take alot of pictures this weekend except from my camera phone. Ooops! It's so unlike me to not take any pictures.

{Shopping}  Saturday we woke up early,ate some breakfast, and headed out shopping. I think I have everyone except for Jaime's brothers and our sister in law, and his dad, and my little brother. Other than that we are done! So the rest of the shopping we are probably doing it on Thursday.

{Movies} I cannot wait for my husband to come home so I can rent some movies and be in pj's all day long with my love.

{Military} Im debating if I should go to the Family training day. They are just going to talk about how to cope with deployment some question we might have and what not. I dont want to sound cocky but I think I know alot of ways to communicate with my husband overseas and I do know about Opsec and I know alot of things because of our first deployment. I should say I know family stuff not military and the training is going to last about 8 hours! Not sure if I want to spend my last free saturday like that. We will see, Im still not 100% sure I will go.

{Family} I am really hoping we get to see everyone on christmas or christmas eve because we have to see my grandma & Mr. G's family, and Mr. G's dad. So im not sure how that is going to play out, Since his family opens gift on Christmas eve, and we have mass to go to.
Im really excited for Christmas!!!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The very generous Veteran

 So today I was checking the mail because I have been waiting for something that Mr. G needs.

When I checked the Mail there was a letter addressed to me, I thought it was a letter from Jaime and then I saw it said, the address of the reserve center so I was like, oh ok they sent a chritsmas card how nice.

To my surprise
I opened it and there was a $50 bill,
and  very sweet message.

The message said:
A small gift from a grateful American Veteran just to
say "Thank you" for the sacrifice your family is
making this Christmas season for the good of our country.
May God bless your family and all other military families this joyous
Christmas Season and throughout the coming years.
Again, I thank your husband for serving our country and I pray for his safe return.
From the Heart of an old Veteran.

When I was done reading it I felt so much appreciation, I was very thankful and touched, I wish I could tell him thank you properly.

On another note, The reserve center that Jaime meets at invited us to a small-ish party.
It's more for the kids, they are just gonna give presents for the kids and they are going to be taking pictures with Santa so Im very excited for that. Mr. G will be here so I wont be alone when I go. so Yay!! and My little family will maybe eat in town before returning home. Expect a thousand picture from the next two weeks! Im so excited to see my husband!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday (great news!)

I wanted to inform everyone of the wonderful news! I will be working with the school district next Fall!!!! This school district is not the dream city I wanna work in but I do need a job.haha and I really just cant wait to teach:) even if it is just to tutor:)

1.Giving is fun,I love matching stuff with people, like my sister, she loves  starbucks coffee so Im for sure going to get her somthing in that category:)

2. Receiving is pretty awsome too. I actually dread it, only because I dont want to make a face if I dont like it, I dont know if I do that Im just saying. I hate to hurt peoples feelings.

3. The best gift I ever received was my doll house, when I was in Elementary. On christmas morning my sister and I were blown away when we saw two huge doll houses! We kept asking my parents how in the heck santa put these houses without waking us up. It was a pretty magical day:) One of my favorite memories of christmas.

I found this picture on flickr, Its the exact doll house I had!
 4. The best gift I ever gave was Megan to Jaime. Im sure that is his favorite gift:)


5. Something intangible that I wish I could receive is super powers to cure all diseases in the world.(does that count)

6. Something intangible that I wish I could give is ease. Im sure people are always stressing over Christmas and bills and I wish I could just give them some kind of words to just ease them:).

7. The one gift I always wanted as a child, but never got was a doll that ate from a spoon, It's actually one for the toys that is selling really good this Christmas. Maybe someone in my family will get it for me. I will love it if they got it for me,Better late than never.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Im 'Drew' from the Taylor Swift song!!!!!!

Well not literally but well let me just tell you the story.....

In high school I had about 5 guy bestfriends, One my freshman year, one my sophmore year, two my junior year, and 1 my senior year. Well lets just say 4 of these guys thought that me wanting to hangout with them meant I liked them. Then some of them said I led them on, uhh...In what universe did I lead you on!(sarcasm)
 Some of these guys were really good friends
 until they told me that they liked me or they made a pass at me.
Why couldn't anyof these guys just be my friend and not want anything more? 

There was only 1 that stayed just my bestfriend and because of him, I had some really great times. Lets call him P.

So anyways Today:

I was on Facebook and P messaged me, just checking to see how I was
and he was saying how he works with electrician now, and that he just got back from a job.
I was was telling him that I was at home from School break. And out of the blue he said

"you know i was pretty dumb but I did like you im sure you knew that! I should of just asked you out! lol its whatever now though.guess its funny now"

I was like 'oh crap!'. I told him that Im glad he didnt tell me because he would have ruined our friendship & I would have been hurt.

I was telling Mr. G about P and what he said
(I tell my husband everything)
and I was like, I feel like Drew from the Taylor Swift song. I used to tell him about my boyfriend and our problems. I feel so bad now. I would not want that for anyone because I know how it feels to have the person you like talk about their girlfriends/boyfriends.

I still feel bad, I wish he would not have told me at all=(

Gift swap

My partner was Nicole from The sweet life of semper fi, the host of this Holiday Gift swap:)

I said yesterday I would blog about what I received:) So here it is:

This is what I saw when I opened it.

I love these socks they are so comfy.

Such a cute reindeer, Miss M loved him.

This hand sanitizer smell so good:)

My husband is going to be fat when Im done with all my cookie baking:)

It's so funny because just a few hours before I got this, I was telling her I was going to buy me one of these.

Miss M stole these from me.hehehe

Cookies!! I think Ive made cookies every single night since December started:) So these are perfect!

You can read here what I go her:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Im loving

Im Loving that my husband is coming home soon and I can hug him until he cant breath.hehehe

Im Loving that Christmas is next week!!

Im loving that they are having a Military wives special on Etv

Im loving that AT&T waived the fee I needed to pay because I called to make a payment:)
Thank you AT&T:)

Im loving that my daughter finally wears her boots I bought for her from target.

Im loving that my little brother had his first choir concert. Our family is just full of My sister got it from me then my brother got it from my sister:) & Little Miss M sings better than she talks:)

Sorry for the phone image, I realized I didnt have my camera when I parked:/

Im loving that I received my christmas present from my Gift swap Partner yesterday.
 I'll have a blog for that tomorrow:)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

I hit 30!!! Misc. Monday

I hit 30 followers now. You all are Awesome!!:)

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.Sunday's at Tiffany's
Did ya'll see this movie over the weekend on LMN? It's so adorable, it reminded my of my Imaginery friend I had when I was a kid. I recommend everyone should see it, if you into magic and romance:)

2. Ecplise
I really want this movie for Christmas Im pretty sure Jaime is getting it for me but Im still gonna post this, cuz he reads my blog. So Im just reminding him:)

3.Christmas Parade
My Family and I went to the Christmas parade that was on Saturday night. I have to say It was not fun, it was actually really long and it was not very kid friendly. I wanted to see some cartoon characters but they didnt have that:( But Megan still had some fun.

It's a little blurry sorry

Oh how Ive been craving some really god cupcakes. Ugh I hate this time of year all I want to do is eat some sweet and cookies, but they are oh so yummy:) Im going to try and
find a really good episode for some really good cupcakes that I can bake for my hubbs:)

5.Miss M
My daughter has just been the best company ever! I miss my husband alot every single day but having this little girl with me everyday eases the pain from not having my hubbs here:)