Thursday, December 16, 2010

Im 'Drew' from the Taylor Swift song!!!!!!

Well not literally but well let me just tell you the story.....

In high school I had about 5 guy bestfriends, One my freshman year, one my sophmore year, two my junior year, and 1 my senior year. Well lets just say 4 of these guys thought that me wanting to hangout with them meant I liked them. Then some of them said I led them on, uhh...In what universe did I lead you on!(sarcasm)
 Some of these guys were really good friends
 until they told me that they liked me or they made a pass at me.
Why couldn't anyof these guys just be my friend and not want anything more? 

There was only 1 that stayed just my bestfriend and because of him, I had some really great times. Lets call him P.

So anyways Today:

I was on Facebook and P messaged me, just checking to see how I was
and he was saying how he works with electrician now, and that he just got back from a job.
I was was telling him that I was at home from School break. And out of the blue he said

"you know i was pretty dumb but I did like you im sure you knew that! I should of just asked you out! lol its whatever now though.guess its funny now"

I was like 'oh crap!'. I told him that Im glad he didnt tell me because he would have ruined our friendship & I would have been hurt.

I was telling Mr. G about P and what he said
(I tell my husband everything)
and I was like, I feel like Drew from the Taylor Swift song. I used to tell him about my boyfriend and our problems. I feel so bad now. I would not want that for anyone because I know how it feels to have the person you like talk about their girlfriends/boyfriends.

I still feel bad, I wish he would not have told me at all=(

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Rebekah said...

What a funny thing. I think ex's should just leave the past in the past. I say that, but I only have one ex and he's married to a good friend. So...that may not count.