Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ill still be here but not totally here.....

Im sure some of you have noticed that I have not blogged, and it's unlike me.

Well truth is I dont have alot of time to and I think I am going to take a break from the blogging world.

I promise I'll be back. School and pre-deployment & deployment is right around the corner,they are just  getting the best of me. When this deployment is over with and I have another break from school I promise I'll be back.

On occassion I will post some pictures, but I wont be blogging as often as I did.

I will however still be commenting on your posts.

Happy Wednesday:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Very Random! & miracle news!

I had my Special Ed class on Thursday & I am here to say that Im seriously concidering teaching or mentoring children that are Autistic. I think I would be great at it, but then again thats just me. We'll see how it goes.

I have a couple of pictures that I want to share but I dont want to put my blog name on them anymore, the only reason is b/c I dont have the time to sit here and put my name on each of them. So unless I say otherwise the pictures I post are mine.

&& I also wanted to say something very Impartant.
I think I mentioned in a previous post that  I was not visiting my husband in California because of Financial reasons, and of course because we are saving for our house.

I prayed every night praying and praying that somehow the marine corp would let my husband come home, I knew It was a long shot that they would let my husband come home but I still prayed hoping for a miracle.

& Im happy to say, my husband is coming home before he deploys.

& here is the best part.

He will be here to celebrate Megan's 2nd Birthday party!!!!

I am so grateful, I have to go to God house to personally thank him soon.

Anyways here are some pictures that I was suppose to post up

<3 Your Girls


I will Post up more next time

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 I have not blogged in awhile.. for some reason Im just too lazy, it might be the cold weather.

Classs has officially started and Im already stressing out:/

I am taking a class that has to deal with teaching to Special Ed student, Im really
excited to start learning about those students.

Just being in that class made me get pumped to start teaching in my own classroom, Im so excited for it.

In other news: the hubbs is doing good, I have not really talked to him much but he says he is doing great.

& I was talking to other wives and I was told I can start getting applications to start gettting a loan from the VA so thats exciting, of course I still need to talk to a lender, but we are on our way.

As you can see not much is going on:( but anways have a great day:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wish he was here to have heard that

Today we were sitting at the kitchen table and Megan says "where dadda"

(Mind you she's only asked for him like 8 times since he's left.)

I told her dadda was working and helping to save people

She paused for a moment thinking and said

"wit Woody and Buzz"

I just laughed and said "yes baby, with Woody and Buzz"

She said "Oh"

She is the sweetest:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Live long and Prosper!

Sorry Im watching Star Trek it's one of the greatest movies ever!!!

 I dont have really much to blog about today.
Except that it's my

Mom's Birthday!!

I brought her roses to work and she loved them:)

I also got her a carrot cake, it's one of her favorites:)

Tomorrow Im taking her to Chili's to celebrate, she got the day off for it!

Then the weekend Im going shopping for school clothes, just a few though,

 Im mainly going to shop for birthday party Items for Megan.

& last but not least the hubs is doing fine and eating well thankfully. I'm always asking him if he's eaten.

I just want to get these next few month over with so he can come home and we can start living our lives.

Pictures for the day

 Technically This picture was taken yesterday

Im starting my reading on how to remodel our house....when we buy it in a few months:)

<3 your girls

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Im loving

What Im loving this awesome Wednesday is.....

Im Loving that I finally bought my own webcam, I had been using my sisters to skype with my husband so this should be fun tonight!

Im Loving that I already got a few things for Megans birthday party.

It's just the candy bags and the main table cover:)

Im really excited for this. I feel like its my party lol! just kidding

but it's fun making a theme that she is going to go crazy for:)

Im Loving the clearance sale that is going on at Old Navy.

Not sure about the sweaters,because lets face it, it's Texas.

As always Im Loving my husband and daughter

Thats all I got for this Wednesday:)

Dont forget to link up with Jamie:)

Day 3

<3 your girls

Monday, January 3, 2011

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{School} Im one of the Lucky ones that does not start school till next Monday. Can someone say YAY!!!!!

{2nd Birthday Party} It will be Miss M's 2nd Birthday and Im really freaking out. 2 years old!! Where has the time gone. She seriously needs to stop growing and just stay this age.
We have decided to make her birthday party theme Toy Story!

I will most likely start getting little stuff for the party this weekend. I already found the invitation that I want.

This is the invitation I will be ordering as soon as I know for sure the date of the party.
Found it here on Etsy

{Im a big girl now} I have officially ordered Megan's toddler bed!!! Part of it was because her dadda broke her crib but the other part was that we feel she is too big for her crib. Im really excited to get it in the mail!=) We ordered it from walmart and I love it!
I still need to buy her a comfortable and some sheets:)

{Camera Settings}I did a really big boo boo on my camera, I was messing around with the settings and I forgot what my settings were before so my pictures are coming out very ugly. If anyone has tutorials on oustide setting that would be very helpful. I have a Canon xs.

{Buzz Lightyear}Dont konw if I mentioned on here but Megan is not very fond of Buzz Lightyear, she has kind of warmed up to him but sometimes it's just really bad to where she yells that she does not want him near her, or she could love him to death. I guess it's just a love hate thing.

Can you tell from the picture she did not want to be near him today

{Mr. Wonderful}Well my husband left and I have to say I am putting up a pretty good face. I mean I could cry right about now but I have to stay strong for my daughter and I just keep telling myself that it will be over before I know it:)

{<3 Your girls}I have decided ,since I will not be visiting Jaime in California, I will put a picture up for him everyday so he can see what we did on that day even if it's just laundry or cleaning.

So here are todays:

Toy Story in the morning,need I say more?,she is was hugging the dog you bought for her earlier, I guess she knew you left.

We put up the tent up today for the Megan and Nini, and they have not stopped playing house:)

<3 your girls


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Megatron in 2010

Instead of blogging about what happened to Jaime and I in 2010 ,Im going to blog about Miss M.

This brings me to tears she was still so baby-ish

Happy 1st Birthday Megan

 Birthday party:)

It was a very sweaty Easter but she loved searching for eggs






Halloween and we said 'see you later to daddy'



Megan, you grew so much over this past year. You learned how to say so much words and your so smart you shock me everyday. Everyday you show me somthing new to learn about you. I love being you momma, and I know that sometimes you like to just say mommy a thousand time just to annoy me. I love you so much baby girl, I promise to make this year very special since dadda will not be here for most of it. Im so blessed to have a daughter like you, you and dadda make me feel like the most special person in the world. I love you and daddy for that. Happy New year baby:)