Monday, January 3, 2011

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{School} Im one of the Lucky ones that does not start school till next Monday. Can someone say YAY!!!!!

{2nd Birthday Party} It will be Miss M's 2nd Birthday and Im really freaking out. 2 years old!! Where has the time gone. She seriously needs to stop growing and just stay this age.
We have decided to make her birthday party theme Toy Story!

I will most likely start getting little stuff for the party this weekend. I already found the invitation that I want.

This is the invitation I will be ordering as soon as I know for sure the date of the party.
Found it here on Etsy

{Im a big girl now} I have officially ordered Megan's toddler bed!!! Part of it was because her dadda broke her crib but the other part was that we feel she is too big for her crib. Im really excited to get it in the mail!=) We ordered it from walmart and I love it!
I still need to buy her a comfortable and some sheets:)

{Camera Settings}I did a really big boo boo on my camera, I was messing around with the settings and I forgot what my settings were before so my pictures are coming out very ugly. If anyone has tutorials on oustide setting that would be very helpful. I have a Canon xs.

{Buzz Lightyear}Dont konw if I mentioned on here but Megan is not very fond of Buzz Lightyear, she has kind of warmed up to him but sometimes it's just really bad to where she yells that she does not want him near her, or she could love him to death. I guess it's just a love hate thing.

Can you tell from the picture she did not want to be near him today

{Mr. Wonderful}Well my husband left and I have to say I am putting up a pretty good face. I mean I could cry right about now but I have to stay strong for my daughter and I just keep telling myself that it will be over before I know it:)

{<3 Your girls}I have decided ,since I will not be visiting Jaime in California, I will put a picture up for him everyday so he can see what we did on that day even if it's just laundry or cleaning.

So here are todays:

Toy Story in the morning,need I say more?,she is was hugging the dog you bought for her earlier, I guess she knew you left.

We put up the tent up today for the Megan and Nini, and they have not stopped playing house:)

<3 your girls


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Gris said...

I love Toy Story. The invites look really nice. I'm doing a Toy Story theme care package for my Fiance, his birthday is this month.