Friday, March 29, 2013

Books on my nightstand

This semester is kicking my butt and I have very little time to read. The only time I do read is when I have a 5 minute break or when I'm am about to sleep. I'm a huge book worm and I'm always looking for little places I could put my books. We have a bookshelf, but there is hardly any space for more books. I'm thinking about donating my books, Or if anyone is interested in my books, I would be happy to give them to you. They are mostly the Harlequin books, that I don't want.

Here are the current books on my nightstand:
This set of books I only read before class or during class. Lectures can drag on so I would simply open my book very casually and read and every so ofter look up so that the teacher will know that I am listening. Wow, I hope my kids don't do that to me one day. Ha! I picked up these books at a thrift store in a town near by, and they had these two books. I am a big fan of the victorian era, or the American revolution days. So A bride most Begruding was right up my alley.

A bride Most Begrudging:
description from Amazon:
When Lady Constance Morrow Find herself held against her will aboard a ship bound for the American colonies--a ship filled with "tobacco brides" and felons--she is quite sure that as soon as she arrives she will find a reasonable man who will believe her father is an earl and send her back on the next ship to England. Instead she meets Drew O'Connor, a determined Colonial farmer who is nearly as headstrong as she is. Drew wins Constance as his bride but soon realizes he has taken on much more than he bargained for.

I enjoyed this book so much that I had to finish it one night and ended up sleeping at 3am. Really good book.

Girls and Trucks:
Description from Amazon: 
Sarah Walters, the narrator of GIRLS IN TRUCKS, is a reluctant Camellia Society debutante. She has always felt ill-fitted to the rococo ways of Southern womanhood and family, and is anxious to shake the bonds of her youth. Still, she follows the traditional path laid out for her. This is Charleston, and in this beautiful, dark, segregated town, established rules and manners mean everything.

But as Sarah grows older, she finds that her Camellia lessons fail her, particularly as she goes to college, moves North, and navigates love and life in New York. There, Sarah and her group of displaced deb sisters try to define themselves within the realities of modern life. Heartbreak, addiction, disappointing jobs and death fail to live up to the hazy, happy future promised to them by their Camellia mothers and sisters.

When some unexpected bumps in the road--an unplanned birth, a family death--lead Sarah back home, she's forced to take another long look at the fading empire of her youth. It takes a strange turn of events to finally ground Sarah enough to make some serious choices. And only then does she realize that as much as she tried to deny it, where she comes from will always affect where she ends up. The motto of her girlhood cotillion society, "Once a Camellia, always a Camellia," may turn out to have more wisdom and pull to it than she ever could have guessed.

I could not get into this book, I think it was because of the Character. She just seemed so lost and at times I wanted to yell at my book. It was a good read but the story was just all over the place at times.

The book I am currently reading is: The American Heiress
 I have seen a couple of ladies say that they have read this book and really enjoyed it. So far I am liking it but I have not read as much as I would like to, so I cant give you a full opinion. 

Books in the works:

Can't go wrong with Emily Giffin,her books are pretty good. I really want to read Matched, people have said it is a great book but I just still have not gotten around to it. I think I have put new books ahead of it. I think part of me feels that if I read all of it Im gonna feel sad that its over.Crazy right? Well, so these are the books on my nightstand. There are so many. I think if I didnt have to go to school I would have read these books a long time ago.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY (Taylor swift) bookmarks

I have so many books that I have read recently. Every time I read a book I simply just fold the corner of the book to hold my place, which I hate doing that because then there are a ton of creases on a couple of papers. So that Is when I thought about bookmarks. Duh right?  I think I only have 1 bookmark and I cannot for the life of me find it. So I went on pinterest, because they just have everything right? So I saw this LINK and just sort of modified it. So the things I needed were Scissors, mod podge,white bookmarks, paint brush, paper.

* She did the bookmark a little different, I believe she stack a bunch of scrapbook paper on top of each other.

When I took this picture it was the second time I was making some bookmarks. I was thinking about how to make it more personal. I think you all know that I LOVE Taylor Swift. When her CD came out I bought the album because I had not bought an actual CD since I was in high school, I think. So I thought what the heck, and bought the CD. I love the pictures of her, on the album cover and the lyrics that were in there, so I thought of making a bookmark with it.

*The night before I just used some scrapbook paper which will work too in making a bookmark.

So what I did was measure the pictures and lyrics I wanted on my bookmark and pasted them together using the mod podge. Then what I did was paint the mod podge over the bookmark with the picture on top. Just so it would last much longer. I don't think you need to do this but to make it last I think you might as well do it.

It's going to look a little weird with all the paste on it but it's ok. It will dry and it will look sealed in the end.

That pretty much it, I added a little extra on my book mark that you can too. It was just adding the bow like the link said to do.

 These were the ones I made that night.
 The ones on the Left I did with just scrapbooking paper. I used the same steps like I did with the Taylor swift bookmarks. I think I may do more but for right now I think I'm all set with bookmarks for awhile. I do also suggest to  put them under a couple of books over night so they can become straightened.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Chevron Canvas

I have been working on Megan's room for awhile. I'm not very good with designing so I result to pinterst to help me out. I mean they have a ton of good ideas but some of those things are not available to us because we don't have a ton of shopping stores near our town, such as Ikea. So I have to work with what is available.

I saw a 2 pins on Pinterest that I have been wanting to do for months.(I will link the pin at the end) I finally had some time to do some crafts this past weekend and with a little trial and error, I think the results were pretty good.
In the pin it looked pretty self explanatory. I thought it was going to be an easy DIY. The First link went HERE. I tried looking for how she did it but I could not find it. So it was up to me to make it.

What you will need:
1 canvas(on sale at Hobby Lobby,  2 for $7)
Some paint: I got pink and turquoise
Liquid glue
Chevron stencil(I google it, and traced the stencil out) LINK
Paint brushed(you will need 2)
What I did first was draw some chevrons on the canvas, I encourage you all to trace two at a time. I could not do so many of them because then it would start to go down the canvas. After I did a couple of them I painted the top turquoise. Left a space then put some glitter on the next chevron design.
Trick: To make the glitter look smooth, you need to squirt some glue in a bowl or plate and use one of the  brushes to "paint" it on the canvas. If you just squirt on the canvas it will come out bulky in some spots with glitter.
It was a pretty easy DIY except for the amount of time it took to do it and the stenciling on the chevrons. Other than that I thought it was a pretty easy crafts. I think I may do another one.
This was the ending product. I think for my first try it came our very well. It is now hanging in Megan's bedroom. I also bought a couple of other things for her room, to blend with the canvas.
Of course I still need more items to fill up her wall but its a start:)
This was the pin:

Monday, March 18, 2013

The ending to our Spring Break.

This weekend was a little sad. It is finally the end to our Spring break. Yeah, I wish it had not ended. Why cant they give us two weeks. I think after two weeks I would really be missing school. Two weeks could really be helpful. Maybe one day they may extend it. I think the only thing I didn't do that I said that I wanted to do for this Spring Break was redesign my blog. I guess I am going to have to do it some other time. Im thinking something along the lines of yellow and chevrons. We will see. Im also thinking of another blog title. I probably should not, I mean I've had this one for a year.

On the day of my Birthday Jaime's dad gave Jaime 3 free tickets for the Livestock show. Honestly, I was intending on going this year. Its just a bunch of the same things every year. I think what I do enjoy however are the animals and their owners and of course all the people decked out in the country wear. However, Jaime and my family wanted to go, plus we were not going to let our free tickets go to waste.

We brought along my little sister. We did a little shopping and we saw some Judging of Heifers and we also saw a show of alligators. We didn't get to stay long because we had to pick up Megan. She didn't come along with us because we knew she would not have liked all the walking and she would have wanted to come home in 5 minutes. The alligator show was pretty neat, and very educational.

We at lunch at this little place. Oh.My.Lord do they have the best brisket sandwichs ever! I shared with Jaime because I was not that hungry so I just picked on his. The burger was huge so I know I would not have eaten everything, even though my head would have told me to eat it all.

We took a picture with some of the alligators at the show. The alligator to the right is an albino alligator, only a few 100 in the world. I thought it was so neat to see it and be able to touch it. We also bought some boots for Megan. She had been asking us for awhile for some cowgirl boots. Thankfully we found some pink ones for her. She has not taken them off since.

Saturday I spent the day making crafts. The morning started off on the wrong foot. We had spent some time with my family at their house and accidently forgot my keys over at their house. Of course I didn't realize my keys were lost till the next morning. I searched high and low for my keys. I could not find them anywhere. Plus none from my family was picking up their phone. So finally my dad calls and says that he was bringing over my keys. I was so relieved because I had to get to the bank before they closed, and I also wanted to go to Hobby Lobby for some crafts that I had planned to do. Which I will later reveal:)

Sunday was mostly spent at my moms house. They are building a private fence around their house so they asked us for help on it. We of course said yes, my dad is much older now and does not understand that he cant do all the things he used to do when he was younger. I think my favorite moment from Sunday was that my dad was pretty proud of me that I stuck by with him. The labor we did outside was hard work but I never left I stayed outside with my dad in the Texas hot sun till we finished. I also did a little work for my student that I am assessing.

Have a good Monday:)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a wonderful world.

The day of my 24th Birthday: Our morning started out by us waking up at 7:30. The alarm went off at 7:00 AM but we went back to sleep. When we woke up I began to get Megan ready for daycare. I didnt want to leave her at daycare but I think its good for her to get some interaction with other kids. She has zero interaction here at home with kids, so I always like to leave here there for awhile. Plus if you asked her she would rather be at daycare playing with her friends.

So Jaime left her at daycare and he came back with some McDonalds. I had been craving some McDonalds breakfast. I don't mean like a sausage McMuffin, I mean pancakes, sausage, egg, and biscuit. I know its probably bad for us but hey It was my birthday. Its ok to eat it:)

So he comes in with my birthday presents. The first ones were books with a very sweet card. That man has a way with words and always makes me cry. Then he comes in with a big box...and its a computer chair. The chair I was working with was terrible and sitting on it, was the worst. Mind you, I sit on the chair for 6 hours straight sometimes, because of school work.

The chair he bought me looks like this: It feels amazing. Mr. Husband keeps stealing it from me to play his xbox. Along with my chair he got me a new desktop computer! Its pretty awesome. Its easier to access than my laptop, I think. So I think I will be blogging a lot more often now:)

My sister also got me a little something. She had showed me the night before my birthday, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was so creative! I mean I thought it was the most creative thing, I've seen in awhile. I think I loved it so much because it was from my sister and she took the time to make it for me by hand. She also bought me the book Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. Its in my pile of books to read which, I really do have a pile of books to read. I think I will write a post on the books that are in line to read.

 The lyrics on the side say: I slept in castles and fell in love because I was taught to dream. Those lyrics are from Faith Hill, but because Taylor Swift wrote them on her arm, they just remind me of her.

 I could go on and on about my birthday, my sister spent most of the day with me, then my dad came over with my brother. So there goes my birthday. I think its safe to say I felt pretty special.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Remember when....

we bought those big white drawers for Megan? After some sanding and some painting we have finally finished. Well, I would not say finally, because its been done for awhile but since I have not had a lot of time to post anything, I will show you how it turned out.



I was not totally happy with how it turned out. Mostly because it came out pretty plain. Jaime had warned me about it being plain, but for whatever reason I didn't think he was going to be right. Well turns out he was right. I don't know what it needs, it just needs something. I am also working on her room as well. Little by little I am buying some things for her room.

I also wanted to show you all my new haircut. I feel so much better. I was having such a hard time with my hair every day figuring out what hair styles to do to it. This feels much better.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Im loving on my Birthday:)

Well, the day is finally here. The day I turn 24, holy moly, I'm 24. Good god, I have a few more years till my 20's are gone, I hope they dont go too fast. Not sure what Jaime plans on doing today with me, Im just going to wait and see what he says.

I am loving the crafts Megan and I have been doing lately.

I am Loving that I have not done really much work on my Spring Break. I did do some work yesterday but I should probably do some more, just to get ahead of the class. It feels amazing to be this relaxed.

I am Loving that soon we will know who the mother of Ted's children are.
Who isnt ready to meet her?

I am Loving my new haircut. Unfortuantly, I dont have a picture of my hair on me right now. My husband took my phone with him somehwere. I was looking on Pinterst a couple of days ago and found a hair style I wanted. The lady who cut my hair, did amazing and it looked pretty much like the picture. I still have to color my hair but that will be till later.

What are you loving this Wednesday? Link up and play along.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap:Birthday Surprise Edition

Lets start off by saying that I had no clue that it was Spring Break here. No Clue. I Had been concentrating on my midterms that I just was not really focusing on that. I thought it was 2 weeks away. I had plans to do work all week long and finally have Spring Break off. I had to call my supervisor to ask her if it was actually Spring Break. I think she was a little taken aback that I actually asked her that. Every college student is suppose to know when it is Spring Break, right?
Friday,  Jaime and I paid a little visit to the Income tax office. Yeah,we owe money to the IRS which it does not feel awesome but eh its part of being an American citizen. We also did some shopping at Walmart, you know just the needs of home stuff. I called my dad to see if he was going to do a fish fry after all and he said yes, so we also bought some stuff to eat. We had a ton of fish. Megan was striking poses with my clothes Girlfriend, is in LOVE with those boots. She will wear them with everything.

Saturday, I had a midterm. I think I did ok. I know I didn't fail, but I dont know how good I did. After I finished my midterm. I had to do some grocery shopping, because we had zero food at home. My mom and I also did a little shopping. Mostly Easter decorations and some clothing. I also came across this cute onesie for a boy. I just loved the fire truck and sparky. I thought it fitted us so well. My little sister also spent the night at our house. It was a little movie night with them, we saw Wreck it Ralph and Ella Enchanted.

Sunday,*warning: long story* I planned to have a day to clean the house.  Jaime came home and we saw a pretty creepy movie, while we waited for Megan and my sister to wake up. They woke up soon after and I started on breakfast. During the time I was making breakfast my brother called to say that he was going to pick up my sister. I said "ok, but she was about to eat". So he said he would come after she finished eating. I decided after I ate. that I would take her back home. I told Jaime that I was going to visit with my mom for awhile and Jaime said "no, dont, just come back home". In my head I was thinking "aww he wants to spend time with me." (uh-huh, nope, he had other plans) So there  I was in the truck with my sister, about to leave, when Jaime comes out of the house and says that my dad was already coming. I was a little confused because I was already in the truck and it was not that far away but I said ok, and my little sister waited for my dad.

So my dad and brother eventually come and
 I ask my brother : So what did ya'll buy?
Brother: oh, stuff for the house.
Me: Ok, like what?
Brother: Does it matter?!
Me: Fine, nevermind, I dont want to know.

I tell my husband "what in the world is wrong with my brother". My husband just laughs after I tell him what he told me. My brother never tells me things like that. Hes always so sweet to me.

So I go on with my day and Jaime and I are cleaning the house, moving furniture, cleaning the yard all the while megan is having like 12 meltdowns. Awesome. After we finish with our cleaning Jaime,out of nowhere says "oh, hey I need you to drop off Megan at your moms, because Im taking you somewhere." I just look at him and Im just in aww that he was going to take me somewhere, just us.

So, I get ready. Megan is taken by Jaime to my moms. When he gets back, he blindfolds me and gives me some flowers. How sweet right? So Im in his truck blindfolded, a little scared. He drives us everywhere. Im feeling car sick. We are driving for a good while. Hes taking turns like crazy. Im telling him places I think he is taking me.

We finally come to a stop and Im noticing that its an open area because I could feel the wind blowing pretty well. There is a little grass and dirt. Im thinking Im in some kind of field. I enter some sort of area and  Then  I tell him," hey, It smells like my moms house". The blindfold comes off and people yell out "SURPRISE!!!!".

My family got me very well. Especially Jaime. He was actually a pretty good secret keeper. I got some presents and some cash for my birthday. I also got two pretty lovely cards from my brother and dad. They are the sweetest. My brother told me later that he said the thing he said to me because he was trying to get me off his back. I had a great weekend. My family made me feel special for the day:) My birthday is not until Wednesday and my husband has something planned and I think Im also doing something with my other sister that day. Still more to come:)......

Thursday, March 7, 2013

That's my husband....

Im sure I have mentioned that my husband can be a bit of a "butterfingers" person. Im not really sure If I would call the story Im about to tell you as being  "butterfingers", but I will let you all be the judge. This is going to be a post about my darling husband and his crazy ways.

About two weeks ago in the morning, my husband comes home looking a little blue. I asked him if he got my text message about something I cant remember right now but anyways.
 He says  "No, I didnt get it."
I say "What do you mean, where is your phone?"
He looks down with a sly smile.
He says "Um, I kind of drop it into the water tank from the fire truckk"

I thought he was joking but nope he wasn't. He dropped it into the tank. Apparently he had the phone in his breast pocket and it fell over when he went to check the water tank on the fire truck.So what do we do? We get a another phone, and mind you we just bought him a new one. Awesome.

The second thing that happened was that he forgot  another tax form that he forgot to send in. Lets make note, that we already sent our taxes in. To send in the paper along with our taxes is going to cost us money. Awesome! More money down the drain.

As we were leaving the income tax office, Im joking with Jaime and I tell him that I would not be surprised if he burned the house down. So no we are to hopefully the end to this crazy phase my husband is going through.

Last night, Jaime is outside and he doing unnecassary things to  the lawn. Im inside make some spaghetti, putting laundry away. Im about to do some work on the student that Im assessing and he comes into the room and he say "Uhh, yeah I burst a water pipe." Im over here thinking I hope you meant your car. Nope he meant from the house. Call me crazy but my husband is on a roll. Im a little afraid that something is going to happen to him because of his carelessness. I love him though, hes my favorite:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books & Student Observations

Im happy to report I am finally finished with three mid-terms. This semester has not been the easiest, I would be lying if I said I was not burned out....and to make it worse it's just the middle of the semester. Im so exhausted. I just have to keep telling myself that It will all be worth it in the end. Everyone goes through what Im feeling, right? I have been doing my students observation for about 4 weeks already and I was in 1st grade orignially but the principal decided to move me to 4th grade. One of the student teachers wanted to get some experience in the 1st grade classroom. So they moved me. I was kind of relieved because I realized being in 1st grade might drive me Bonkers. Im not saying I dont like 1st grade, it was just how the teacher had her classroom. I have been in 4th grade for 2 weeks and I LOVE it. I think Im just going to be one of those teachers that likes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Never saw that coming. The teacher is nice but she is a little strict but Im having an amazing time learning from her. The students have been taking their state test so I have not been doing much for about 3 day now but when she does teach the class, its pretty amazing. Im a little jealous because it looks so natural to her. And, And... she is a Reading Teacher!!!!! She has, no kidding, a million books. When I saw her book collection I wanted to just dive in all the books.

I noticed that since I have been so busy, I have not had time to read, blog and so on. I wish I was like some of you ladies that did EVERYTHING. I feel like I never have time for things, especially Becky from From Mrs. to Mama, she does everything and she just had another baby. I applaud her, I just cant do it. I mean maybe I could do it If I knew how she did it:) So every night I read just a little bit, or just when I have a few minutes to spare. In my spare time I have read The Selection which is AMAZING!! I finished it in 3 days. Oh thats another reason I dont read as much. If the book is really really good. I cant put it down and I end of putting everything else on hold.EEK!!. The book Im currently reading is The Nanny diaries. I plan on watching the movie after I finish reading the book. So far its pretty good, and very dramatic.

Guess that is all for now, I have a few more things to blog about but that will have to wait for a later day.