Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY (Taylor swift) bookmarks

I have so many books that I have read recently. Every time I read a book I simply just fold the corner of the book to hold my place, which I hate doing that because then there are a ton of creases on a couple of papers. So that Is when I thought about bookmarks. Duh right?  I think I only have 1 bookmark and I cannot for the life of me find it. So I went on pinterest, because they just have everything right? So I saw this LINK and just sort of modified it. So the things I needed were Scissors, mod podge,white bookmarks, paint brush, paper.

* She did the bookmark a little different, I believe she stack a bunch of scrapbook paper on top of each other.

When I took this picture it was the second time I was making some bookmarks. I was thinking about how to make it more personal. I think you all know that I LOVE Taylor Swift. When her CD came out I bought the album because I had not bought an actual CD since I was in high school, I think. So I thought what the heck, and bought the CD. I love the pictures of her, on the album cover and the lyrics that were in there, so I thought of making a bookmark with it.

*The night before I just used some scrapbook paper which will work too in making a bookmark.

So what I did was measure the pictures and lyrics I wanted on my bookmark and pasted them together using the mod podge. Then what I did was paint the mod podge over the bookmark with the picture on top. Just so it would last much longer. I don't think you need to do this but to make it last I think you might as well do it.

It's going to look a little weird with all the paste on it but it's ok. It will dry and it will look sealed in the end.

That pretty much it, I added a little extra on my book mark that you can too. It was just adding the bow like the link said to do.

 These were the ones I made that night.
 The ones on the Left I did with just scrapbooking paper. I used the same steps like I did with the Taylor swift bookmarks. I think I may do more but for right now I think I'm all set with bookmarks for awhile. I do also suggest to  put them under a couple of books over night so they can become straightened.

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