Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life lately....

had been extremely stressful. I am so tired most of the time and seem to be dead tired by 9 pm. Anyways back to happy times:)

I have officially started my observation on Monday! Im not sure about how my teacher feels towards me but I think I make her uncomfortable. I think she feels like Im judging her. Im sure she has done observing before so I dont understand why she feel uncomfortable. I think we just got off on the wrong foot. I like my classroom, don't get me wrong, and I really like the teacher, but the connection with me and her, is missing something. There is a reason though that they put me with her. I hope we get better.

I think I mentioned last week my husband has started shift. The shifts are ok, Im not alone as much as I thought I would be. Its a good schedule.Megan on the other hand, is not taking his schedule well. She asks me "when is daddy coming home?". I thought I would not hear those words again after the military.
We are constantly telling Megan when daddy will be back home. Who can blame her she loves her daddy very much.

Have you all all heard the new song from Taylor swift? People are thinking it's about the Kennedy boy. I honestly have no clue who she is talking about but it's still a cute song.
 I have also applied for Graduation. Yay!! I am not so happy though because after I turned in my graduation application they told me I needed a Spanish class, I just looked at her and said "nooooo....I would know if I am missing a class". She said that she was going to have to talk to my advisor but that these things happen all the time. Meaning that I took a class to substitute that class. I honestly don't know but I have to go and finalize things tomorrow morning.

So thats really all thats going on lately, sorry I dont have more but gosh honestly I feel like these weeks are flying by and I am just excited that I get a whole month off  In December and Im so ready to Bumm it:)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

 This weekend on Friday... I attended an Art exhibit. It was pretty interesting to see all the water colored portraits and the different culture that was depicted from the portraits.

I also stopped by Human Resource to get my TB test turned it. It was so exciting to know I would start Monday.I will have a post about my first day, possibly Saturday, I know it's so late, but I really dont have a ton of time, and by 9pm I am so beat.

I read my book that is assigned from a class and found it really interesting, its about Magical powers so it's right up my alley. I love those type of books. I dont know if you all knew but at walgreen they had water bottle 24pack for 1.99. The limit was 3 per person. I only got one pack but it felt nice to not spend a huge load on water.

That night we spend some time and with family at Indian lake. My uncle has a trailor out there and they had a cook our and few cold drinks. We met some neighbors of some of our cousins. They were pretty nice and funny. Most of the guys were getting pretty tipsy and I, on the other hand, was falling asleep and cold as can be from being outside. It was suck a great night with family. Lots and lots of laughing. Please not I was so tired and sleepy on this picture.

On Satuday, after I came home from class we spent the day shopping:) I need some teacher clothes to start me off:) We went to JCPenny,Hobby Lobby and Dollar tree. At the Dollar Tree, we found this firefighter hat and well, she just had to try it on:) I finally made my awesome wreath. I had been wanting to make one for months but never had time to do it. Saturday is the only time I ever have time to do fun things. Every other day is my do school work day. My husband also brought me some white roses.

That was our Weekend I hope you had a great one too:)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My First Pinterest fail

I never thought it would happen to me.
I thought that since it was pretty darn easy it was fool proof.
I was wrong.

A few days ago I pinned a meal that I thought look pretty good and pretty simple to make.
I dont have a lot of time when it comes to doing meals so I need something that wont take 4 hours to make.
So when I saw this meal I thought hey that looks pretty good, AND it looks easy right?
Wrong! I didnt read where it said it took 4 hours to bake so it was a bad start.
I then did all the steps it told me to do.

At the time it was baking I started to think, why wouldnt the picture be the ending product?
Why would it have the beginning? So I got on Pinterest and search "Party Chicken"

I came across a blog called  Pinned Creations and she said that it wasnt that great.
That wasn't going to stop me from tasting it myself.

My dish didnt come out looking good.
However, I did make it and I needed to try it to at least have my own opinion of it and because I hate to see food being wasted. I tried the chicken.

In my opinion it was less than ok So I give it a 2 out of 5 stars.
I mean I will not be making this again but it was o.k, I had to add some things to it to make it tastier but all in all, it was not that great like I hoped it would be. Not even my husband liked it and that to me says a whole lot.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby planning

I know I said I would post it on Thursday but I guess I put the date wrong. Ooops

Jaime and I have always been a planner,well more me than him, but I would always come up with a plan and we would discuss it. Baby planning has been on my top priorities, we knew that after Megan is would be awhile till we had baby #2. Of course I would have baby fever like crazy and if you've been following me you would know I have it a lot.

I get baby fever but I never forget why we are waiting. We have been waiting to be financially ready and to achieve just a little more for ourselves. We are finally at a place where we can say wow things are going great.Jaime is doing great and we are just waiting for me to finish school.

I needed to feel an accomplishment for myself. I needed to find something I loved that was just for me. I needed a career. Most of the time I would tell myself I wanted to have a baby but when It came down to D-day, I was scared that my dreams would never come true. Well..I should not say never, but it would be that much harder to finish school. It all changed recently when I knew for sure I didn't want a baby anytime soon because I feel like I needed to accomplish this part of my life,but that didnt mean that I could not have a plan.

It was about 4 days ago when Jaime and I were discussing future plans. We do this a lot:) & somehow baby G was put in the picture. We didnt talk much about it so we dropped it. Then I was thinking in the car,like I always do, and I was thinking about a timeline of our possible future life.

I finish school May 2014, so it would make sense that we could start trying for a baby a little before. The only problem with that is that we have no clue where we will be in 2 years but I say there is never the right time to have a baby, but at least I will have accomplished my goals and ready for another baby. We could live in this town or we could move to another town near Corpus Christi but none the less in 2014 things are going to change and I may or may not have a baby in my belly.

I just told my family on Friday and they were excited. Its been 3 years since we've had Megan and I think they are excited to share the love to another little baby. It may be a long time from now but when you have been planning and planning and waiting and waiting,it's nice to finally put a date to extending our family. For us we had just been working hard and getting ready for the future and accomplishing our goals.

I know ya'll are thinking what if you have a surprise baby....well all I can say is I just have a year a half to finish school so I think it will be ok. I highly doubt it though, due to us being extremely careful and the last three years of no baby is proof of that.

 Thanks for reading:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

We have an announcement

 You may have noticed something different in our 'About us' section.
I have a post about the details coming Thursday:)

Have a good Monday.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Crazy weather,
I have been loving you lately, usually its really gross in the morning and my hair becomes very frizzy but these past couple of morning have been heaven. Thanks:)

Dear Marine Corps,
Please let us go? Please? Why do I feel like you don't want to let us go? Just leave the hubs alone.

Dear School district,
I am so ready to get my observations started! Cannot wait to learn new things. Im excited=) oh and another thing I need to point out is why in gods name do I have to get a TB test every year. Its a bother.

Dear Dan from Big Brother,
I dislike you, and the game you are playing. I would give the half a million dollars to anyone but you. & you've been swearing on your wife like it's no big deal. I wonder what she think about that.

Dear Husband,
I love the face you make everytime I mention going shopping. I wish I could take a picture of your face. But Calm down its nothing like the face I will be making when I purchase the truck of your dreams. So calm down:)

P.s I cant wait to grow old with you:)

 Dear school work,
Can you please do yourself? & I keep the letter grade:)

Dear husband....again,
Sorry Im pushing you on our "Sore" subject. I just cannot wait to have that dream come true.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday loves

Well this week has been stressful, I have so many projects and I always feel like I dont have enough time to do all my school work. I just hope I can survive this semester, I still have not even started my student teaching. I have been told we start sometimes soon, maybe by the end of the September. I'm hoping I don't get 6th grade but if I do it would be nice to get a glimpse at children other than elementary age.

Here is what Im loving this Wednesday

  I am loving this little artwork I did while I was taking a break from school work.I did not come up with the design it was inspired by a pin on pinterest. I love the tattoo but all I keep thinking about is how I would hide it from my students. If any of ya'll have some suggestions I would love to hear them.

I am Loving this song I heard two day ago. It brought back memories with a
 very close friend of mine back in High school.We sang this song in the most random(est) place you would probably never guess.

I am Loving that I will be doing a craft this weekend. Im pretty
 excited I have not done a craft in a very long time. So stay tuned to what I make.

I am Loving my husband,he has been such a trooper with all of my school work. He is for sure my best friend, we crack jokes at other peoples expense...thats what a best friends do right:) I was kind of hoping to go fishing this weekend but it does not look like Jaime's schedule is going to let us do just that.

 I am Loving my daughter, she is just a funny girl, and is so full of life.
 She will never know how important she is to me. I would do anything to make her happy.

I am Loving these Cinnamon rolls we ate last night. Oh my goodness they were so amazing. I ate one and my husband pretty much ate the rest. He's a crazy guy.

I am Loving the post I will be writing about our plans about having another baby.

I am LOVING the new song from Taylor Swift. Its a beautiful song about
 a little boy who lost his life to cancer.

I am Loving these pretty dresses

 Dont forget to link up:)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bragging Rights

On Friday I wrote a post about how it was Friday football and that this particular game was a pretty big deal. Well I am pleased to announce my team WON!:) I now have bragging rights about my team beating Jaime's team. I will let the pictures speak for itself.

 It was a really really good game, we won because of our defense line. I could not be more proud of my team. The last time we won was when I was a senior and my god it still feels good to win. I am having a blast asking my husband who won?! I need him to tell me:) Some people I knew on facebook were saying that because they married a "Cardinal" they became a "Cardinal"...Uh no...thats what you call a traitor:P I married a Cardinal but I will always remain a Greyhoud till I die. Here is the youtube video of how my team won new uniforms.

The next day I spent the day doing homework and reading till my brain was shutting down. It was until 5:30pm my lights went out. I mean the whole house just shut down. I started to panic, and I was alone. I had no clue what to do so I left to my moms to see if we can stay there and to check on the internet if it had to do with my electricity provider. Sunday, we figured out it was due to one of the breakage in the back of the apartment.We also had a thunderstorm last night that was pretty intense. I think I woke up 30 times that night.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

High School football

I think Texas is known for their craziness of High school football..or I should say football in general. Down here in Texas where I live we have a huge rivalry game between the high school(Greyhounds) I graduated from and another city that is next door to us. That other high school(Cardinals), my other half graduated from. So every year on this rivalry game things get intense between us.

My team has not won a single game in 5 years. Sad, but very true. This game is the most intense game in Texas.We have had this Battlle of the Arroyo for years...83 years to be exact. Its two rivalry schools battling it out for braggin rights for one whole year. My team also won some new uniforms from Nike, the media tech department sent in a video of this huge rivalry game and they won, out of many entries from the nation. If you want to read more about this game click Here.  So now I got to give my husband a hard time over this game:) Lots of trash talking tonight in our house.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Im loving Wednesday

Its already Wednesday which means, I will be going to class tonight. I am meeting a guy tonight to give him a Biology book. I just hope that I see when he messages me on Facebook because If I dont answer him, I will feel awful about it. It is so hot outside today I feel like if I cracked an egg outside I would for sure over cook it. All 5 of my classes have officially opened up and I am nervous. My math class is not too bad, I mean it's a little hard but nothing I cant handle. The only class Im really worried about is a class called Principles of Learning. I am feeling very bombarded with school work already. Not to mention I have not even started my Lab, where I am in the actually classroom with students.Lots of work to do:/Whew ok Happy thoughts!!:)

This Wednesday I am Loving my amazing Converse I bought for myself yesterday. They pretty much go with anything. They are my favorite type of shoes.
I am Loving the blouse I scored at Khols. It is a Lauren Conrad blouse. It was on clearance for $7.00,was marked down from $36.00. Im in need of some teacher clothes.

 I am Loving the teacher I had on Saturday morning,she looks so young to be a professor. From what she explained about the class we are about to have fun and work hard:)

I am Loving the new Pepsi Next. It does not taste like the original but it does not taste as disgusting as Pepsi diet.

I have been spending an insanely amount of time at the library do to a project I have yet to totally finish (and what I mean by totally, I mean revise). I stumbled upon this sad story about a little girls mother overseas. The illustrator had letters from the mother and the little girl. I was crying in the library and had to hold back my tears where there were people passing by my table.

I think that is all for now. Not much has been happening in the G Family,sorry I don't have much to write about this post. Don't forget to link up what your loving this Wednesday:)