Friday, September 7, 2012

High School football

I think Texas is known for their craziness of High school football..or I should say football in general. Down here in Texas where I live we have a huge rivalry game between the high school(Greyhounds) I graduated from and another city that is next door to us. That other high school(Cardinals), my other half graduated from. So every year on this rivalry game things get intense between us.

My team has not won a single game in 5 years. Sad, but very true. This game is the most intense game in Texas.We have had this Battlle of the Arroyo for years...83 years to be exact. Its two rivalry schools battling it out for braggin rights for one whole year. My team also won some new uniforms from Nike, the media tech department sent in a video of this huge rivalry game and they won, out of many entries from the nation. If you want to read more about this game click Here.  So now I got to give my husband a hard time over this game:) Lots of trash talking tonight in our house.

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