Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Before I head to class

I just wanted to have this random post because its been a couple of days since I posted. We have been planning for Megan's birthday party which is now only 2-ish weeks away and really it's going to be here in a blink of an eye. Ahh! Im really freaking out about it too. I have some unfinished things to do. We will get things going this weekend and next week so lets hope we get everythign done.

I dont know if I mentioned on here about getting a kindle but we did. I think its been about 2-3 weeks that we've had it. I said that I would never get one but one day I was on amazon and saw that you could get some free books on the kindle. So I told myself that I would use it for free books. I cant say the same for Megan and Jaime they use it for games and other things. I told myself the really good books I would actually buy. I'm still not used to reading on a screen but Im hoping I will get used to it, Ive only read two on the kindle.

Thanks to some college books I sold to Amazon, I got a gift card. So I decided to buy some books. I got these books that I'm hoping are really good as everybody says they are. I got some others for my kindle but were only 99 cents. Since they didn't cost me anything I figured I could buy some. I only bough two that I thought were really good.

 This past weekend we went fishing. Oh my word did it feel so good I think I closed my eyes and just listened to the water and birds chirping about 5 times. I had a really hard week and it was so nice to see all my troubles just float away. I mentioned that I had a big test and Im really scared about what I got. Most of the people I have spoken to have told me they past which makes me nervous. I will find out my score in about an hour and Im so nervous. The test was too easy for me to have passed it, I think.

Oh these two. They are the most craziest people ever! They are inseperable but holy cow can they pick on each other.  Its sad to say too that most of the time my husband starts it. He sticks the tongue at her and she does it back to him. Then Im in the middle getting after both of them but I love them, they are my two closest best friends:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday craft from Pinterest

On Monday, I told ya'll I was going to post about a pin on pinterest that I did.
Seriously, who else is so thankful for pinterest? I would be so lost without it!
If you have noticed on my boards, I have been pinning so many birthday ideas.
The one I really liked was the number 2 with lots and lots of buttons.
When I saw this pin, I knew instantly I needed to make it.

I started with some white cardboard (like the photo), actually Im not sure if they used cardboard I just went by the photo. I also bought some buttons from walmart, that I think would look nice with Megan's birthday party colors.

I had to somehow make a "4" free hand and just erase on the parts i think needed fixing. 
It was a little hard to make it how I wanted but it came together when I was done. To cut I used Scissors at first but I found that didnt really work very well so I switched to a sharp knife and just cut down.

After I had the number and I had the buttons ready to be glued, I got my glue gun and just started to glue on all the buttons. I started with the big buttons, because they used up the most space.

This was the ending result, and I think it turned out better than what I expected. I love it and I cant wait to put it up for her birthday party.! We have more crafts coming up and we (I say "we" because I actually need Jaime's help with this next one),will be showing ya'll  how we did it.

 [Lighter photo of our number 4]

Cardboard: $0 (had some lying around here)
Buttons: $1.49 

 45 Minutes

The photo on Pinterest 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random text from my mom

This semester I am taking Physical Science and let me just say it is the hardest thing ever.
I just don't understand why I needed to know "what the weight of a person, who is 120 Kg or Km?"
Like seriously, who the hell cares?

This post isnt about Physical science, well maybe a little.
This is about my special person.

So yesterday after I go out of class, I began to cry in my car.
I cried because I have no idea how I will be passing this class.
Everyone seems to pretty much get it, while Im over here sinking with all the W=M/V.

I was just in my car feeling so bad for myself and out of nowhere my momma texts me and says
" I love you, & Im proud of you".

I mean seriously my mom is the absolute best.
She didnt know how much I needed that in that very moment.
& Im so thankful that she sent that text at that very moment, because I think I could have felt worse.

Thank you mommy:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend gone. Why cant weekends be four days long...oh wait, I guess for some of ya'll you do get a four day weekend. Lucky you all:) I still have work to do. I think I might keep Megan at home though, and see where the day takes us. During the weekend We started on some projects, made some birthday supplies, and a celebrated a birthday of a special person.

Friday, I woke up early to take a Math test at my school which I didnt do so well on, It really was hard, Im sure it's not going to be as hard as my physics test on Thursday. We will see.

When I got home Jaime and I started on a few project because well... we have a ton of projects that are calling our names. On top of our home projects we still have birthday projects. Im still not sure how all these projects will be done before Megan's party but Im going to pray that we will be done before then. At night Jaime and I decided we should have a little drink to watch with our movie. Needless to say I had a little too much.

On Saturday, I had morning class. I was so exhausted that I didnt want to get my butt up to go to class but I somehow managed to get to class. It was a short class and I was able to go shopping with my momma. I have to say though Jaime said that I don't drink enough water so what I did was drink a bottle water in class and somehow needed to pee terribly. While I was shopping with my mom I was dying inside to use the restroom. Oh my god, It was terrible, I could not shop comfortably. It was a quick shopping experience all because of Jaime:P We also did some shopping at Target, I didnt find what I was looking for, so I just bought a few things. I had to take a picture of all the baby stuff because I swear when I passed it, I just had this urge to buy everything. At night we watched the movie Along Came Polly and ended up sleeping till 12, which is a pretty big deal in this house.

Sunday was dedicated to one of my special family members. She tuned 94! I love this woman so much, its going to be the hardest thing when she leaves us, just like it was hard when my grandpa passed away.
I have to say this,it may be a little biased but she is so beautiful, and I just adore the way she is always dressed up so nice and has jewelry on. She is the cutest lady in the world.
That was the highlights of our weekend!

Oh and I have a post coming this week about a craft I made that was inspired from Pinterest. That is to come this week:)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend recap

Well I have some news:) We do not live in the stone age with our phones. We have upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy II. Pretty excited actually our phones were so old its unbeleivable. We love the phones, although it is pretty hard to text because its kind of too big for my hand, and it has slipped off my hand once or twice already. Nonetheless I am in love with it, and so is Jaime. He likes his phone a lot. So expect a crazy amount of Instagram photos.

 So lets get to my weekend. Well it was pretty uneventful, except for a surprise I have in store for ya'll, I would tell ya'll but the person who this event is happening for, told me not to write about it so this is me not writing about it.

Friday, was spent at home because it was pretty cold outside and I had no intention of going outside except to pick up Megan from Daycare and to pick up a few things from the store. Other than that I spent my friday at home. I am so lame. Oh oh, and at 10:00 am in the morning I was on my computer like a hawk to try and get some tickets to see The Zac Brown Band buut what the website failed to mention was that the tickets were not being sold online but at the arena it was going to be taken place. This place is about 45 minutes away and I had no intention of going outside. Needless to say the tickets were sold out. I also saw the movie 'Pitch Perfect',if you have not seen the movie I urge you to get the movie.

On Thursday Jaime and I went out to buy a few things such as this furniture for Megan's room. Her room had not came together yet, we are working on one room at a time and we are trying to figure out what we want to do with it. Thanks for Pinterest I  have a few ideas but it is going to take some time to actually do them due to school and all the other few things in life that happen. The beauty of this piece of furniture is that is cost us $90!! Talk about a score! We had gone to a furniture store before and they were trying to sell us a piece of furniture that was not wood and was a lot smaller than these drawers and cost 299.00. So we left to check out an antique store and I first spotted the drawers and a million other things I wanted to buy but didnt. I will be going back to that store.
 We plan to sand it down and paint it purple and keep the white as well. That is for later though still have a few projects in the works also.

(Its funny how I went from Friday to Thursday ha!) back to Friday......

I have this vision for Megan's room which requires lots of trips to hobby lobby. I love these wood frames and when I spotted them I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them. I still have to put them up and I have to find a picture of Megan and her daddy.

Saturday I spent with my sister and then I spent some time with my books. I really had to figure out a math question and didnt feel right without understanding it, thankfully my husband was right beside me helping me. We also had plans to for a date night. We got ready and dropped off Megan with my brother for awhile till my mom returned home. We were off to see This is 40, which was soo hilarious I was crying from tears of laughter. So funny! & We also went to Chilis for a drink. I had a tropical something margarita which was delish!!! and my BIL and my SIL met up with us there. It was pretty fun night. Jaime and I were laughing and laughing about everything and anything. It is so nice to get away just the two of us:)

Sunday is Texan day! I have to watch the game for support for Jaime. Since my cowboys didnt make it we are now all Texans. Im more of a cowboys fan than a Texan but give me awhile and it will be the same:) Dont you just hate Sundays sometimes, I mean its like a cleaning, laundry "get ready for the week" type of day.  I like Fridays:)

 Oh I forgot to mention that I made Honor roll at school. Im pretty proud of myself:)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I guess I am ready

I was a little reluctant to write this post but I am going to anyways due to this blog being a journal to look back on. As you all know we will be trying for baby numero 2 this year @ December, and the reason for that is because I will be a college graduate in 5 months from then. Which I need to add, the only reason we waited this long is because of my crazy husband saying I had to have a degree before we can have another child. Damn guy trying to make my life better:P

This past New Years week was the scariest way to end 2012. I will tell you why, better yet I will show you why......

Yep, I had to get a pregnancy test because I was late..and not just late I mean like 1 week and 6 days late. Its not like I had never been late but this was like Holy Crap Im really late. So what I did was waited for the day before New Years Eve to take the test. The day before Jaime and I were very scared about what was to come when we took the test. We were very cuddly, we were smiling and hugging each other a lot more because we knew whatever the test results were, we were going to be ok.

So the next morning arrives and I wake up extremely early 5 am to be exact. I was shaking and I could feel myself so nervous about what was about to happen. All I kept thinking was oh my god, oh my god. So here we go I take off out the pregnancy the test and now Im waiting. Waiting for the momen everythng changes.

Ok 1 minute passes.....2 minutest pass....3 minutes pass.

I look at it, and there is one line.

Ok so I guess I'm not pregnant. Well that's kind of a relief, right?

 Not sure how I felt about the results but I thought for sure the I was pregnant.

4 days pass. All I'm thinking is where in the heck is my Period. What in gods sake is going on with my body? Then like I always do I'm thinking oh my god what if I have cervical cancer, oh my god what if it's because I don't drink enough water. All of these things were running through my head and then another thing popped into my head. What if the test was false.

I'm telling Jaime, Babe I think the test was wrong. I start to list the reasons why and the number one reason is because my period is nowhere to be found. After some thinking I was just imagining what my baby would look like, and the clothes I would put on him/her, the photos I will take this time, the fact that my baby girl will finally have a sibling. I was also thinking ok..Im going to started eating more fruits, I even started drinking water a lot. I have to say this wasn't in the plan but my god I was starting to get excited and telling myself the test was wrong, the test was wrong. I was feeling, I dare say, it ready to be a mommy again to another baby.

Then late Friday I saw the thing that I  thought I would not see for the next 9 months.... I saw some blood.
Ok....well I guess we really are not having a baby. I was sad for a few hours that this was not going to happen. I did learn something though....Im pretty sure Im ready if there is going to be a surprise baby. I know I said a couple of months ago that I was not ready but now that it is 2013 and it is just 11 months till be start to try for another baby,I would say that I am ready for baby #2.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The chalkboard Frenzy

The Chalkboard Frenzy
I was sucked into the whole Frenzy but I didnt have the "equipment" for it, I search and searched for a frame that I could use to make the chalkboard I wanted. When I moved I found a frame that I had forgotten about. After I visited the hardware store with Jaime we came back with all the right stuff.  We followed the same steps like everyone has done, and loved the ending results. My husband loves it too. 

 A tripod
I absolutely need a tripod, Im so tired of never getting a really good picture of the three of us.

My Mom
Celebrated her 40th Birthday. Yep you heard that right? Her 40th, my mom is still a young woman. Well, I would say younger than most mothers I know. She celebrated with her family, and she said she had an amazing time. I think she has wayy too much fun which she payed for in the morning but as long as she had fun with her family and friends.

 So here we are again planning another birthday party and I cant tell you all how sad it makes me that she is turning 4. I mean dont get me wrong I am so happy that the little one is growing up just like she should but I am still very sad that my little girl is turning 4!...4! My god. I still remember when I brought her from the hospital. God I miss her when she was just a baby, I wish I could just visit my past for awhile to see her little baby face again.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Friday, January 4, 2013

Letters and a sponaneous date

Lets get back into the blogging buisness shall we, which comes with link ups:)
One of my favorite Link ups is Friday letters, and sometimes it may feel like a chore but I still enjoy it when I actually get my butt to sit in front of the computer.

Dear Homeland, I have been watching you for two weeks, and I am completely obsessed with you.How could I have not been watching you all along? Your a little twisted but still an awesome show.
 Dear Husband, thanks for the awesome date we had yesterday morning. It almost felt like we were just a couple of kids adults just hanging around with not a care in the world.
Dear Megan, you bright up my day, baby girl. Seeing you with your dad melts my heart more than you know. Seeing you crawling all over him and laughing makes my heart so happy. I started to cry because I know you will never be this little again. Sometimes I wish we could live in a place where time would go slower.
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm going to do anything and everthing to make sure you see me with my cap and gown.Promise
Dear ____ School, I really dislike that you cant open up another class for the people who need the class desperately. Uhhh..yeah because of your stubbornness I may not be able to walk and graduate in May..and for what? Just because of one stink-in class. Wonderful!
Dear Vacation, It was so much fun being able to do NOTHING. A slight boring but still very nice little vacation where I was not in constant fear of forgetting an assignment or just having to study at all.

Link up right here and write some letters.

So yesterday Jaime and I stumbled upon a day date. It was not meant to be a date day, it just sort of ended up like that. First we dropped off Megan at daycare so that she could have some kid interaction. We then visited my school to fix a problem I have with a class, which didn't get resolved. We then decided to get some school supplies because I start school in three days and in my other school I start on the 14th, yep I go to two school. As crazy as it sounds it's quite easy..sort of:) We were so hungry so we stopped at a restraunt and Jaime really liked the place, he said it was the new "it" place...yeah it's not, Ive had better.
We also went to an antique shop that was closing down we found some good finds, and hope to make them all pretty.
We did a little more shopping at some bargain places and then we ended up at the movies. We watched Taken 2. I have to say, it wasn't as good as the first. The first one was action packed, the second one was more of a suspenseful movie. It was a great day spending it with Jaime.& for the rest of the night we snuggled up in bed with our little girl. Its way too cold to be out there with a little preschooler.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas day!

After my Siblings finally went to sleep I managed to wake up at about 5 in the morning to see if anyone else was awake. My mom was the only one awake and she was about to head into the shower. I also woke up early so that I could write Santa's letter to Megan, which we read when we were opening presents. At about 7 in the morning everyone was awake and we were watching more Christmas movies. I want to say it was Christmas with the Kranks. We were all pretty hungry so I made some toast and some coffee for my dad.

We were all waiting on Jaime to finally come home so we could open some presents. He finally came home at about 8:15 which is kind of late by the way but he was finally home. We all sat next to the tree, and one at a time we all opened our gifts. I think Megan took the longest openeing up her presents, the girl just had wayyy too many gifts to open up.

After we were finished opening presents Jaime and I made breakfast and from there we all scattered to the rest of the families. We first went to visit our grandma and it was very intersting atmosphere, I will leave it at that; then we spent the rest of the time at my uncles where we stayed till about 9:00pm because Megan and I were beat. Jaime was called back into work and didnt come back till about 6:00pm. So he stayed at my uncles house to mingle while I left home to recover from the day. It was a very memorable day and so much fun. I cannot wait for next Christmas, Miss Megan is already asking for present for Christmas and it's still 11 months away.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

 This Christmas was very different from all the others, because......I was the host of it:) Well...for the most part I was the host of Christmas. About two weeks before Christmas, my family and I decided that Christmas was going to be spent at my house this year. I was a little nervous about blankets,beds, food. I mean I was nervous that we didnt have enough. I also had to make sure my house was spotless.

Lets back up though, it was about a week before December when we received the keys to this house. I felt relieved because where we lived; our neighbors downstairs were horrible people. I mean the "Evil Queen" would bang on the floor and she would pay us visits to keep it down. We informed our manager about the problem and she assured us that she was going to evict them but we felt like they violated our privacy and who knows if the next neighbors were going to be just like them. So we said goodbye and moved on to this wonderful house. The owners of the house are really nice people, I mean they really are nice people and the neighborhood is amazing! We hit the jackpot with this house, I feel blessed that we were given the opportunity to be in this home.

So when we all decided to do Christmas in our home I was excited and nervous, I had never hosted anything in my entire life...well I guess you can count Megan's party but this was an over night type of holiday.
 So lets flash forward to Christmas Eve in the morning. Oh I forgot to mention that my husband was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve so the cleaning and hosting was left to me and then in the morning he was going to Co-host it with me.

So that morning I was in full force, I was washing sheets,comforters, sweeping, vacuuming, I believe I even washed dishes about 5 times that day.Ahh! As most moms know though there isn't much cleaning going on when you have a toddler bringing our all her toys. That was a bit of a train wreck but I improvised and somehow got the job done. We were all set for the guests to arrive. Which were my parents, my two sisters and my brother. I gave my bedroom to my mom and me and my siblings slept in the room with Megan.

My mom came at about 5:00 to keep me company and we gossiped talked about people, celebrities, that sort of thing; Usual mother and daughter talks. Later my sister and her boyfriend came to hang out with us. My sisters boyfriend brought some amazing tamales, which later made me and my sister a tad sick but were still pretty darn good. The rest of the family came a bit later where we ate some tamales and pizza. We played some Chalupa,which is a Mexican game like Bingo, and we had a lot of fun...untill somehow my sister and her boyfriend kept winning and then we were over it. We also went to throw some reindeer food on the grass, Megan didnt really like it at first but a while later she got into it. So for the rest of the night we were watching Christmas movies. Honestly, I was ready to sleep by 10:00 but I thought It would be rude to sleep so soon.

We didnt sleep till about midnight and when we did sleep my brother and sister thought It would be really cool to start laughing hysterically, thankfully we didn't wake Megan up which was a couple of inches away from us. My brother and sisters are a little crazy, they tend to laugh uncontrollably when remembering movie lines. We waited for Megan to sleep so that we could play Santa and we brought all the Christmas presents from the laundry room. It was so much fun doing that for her. I think next year I am going to do somethings different like waiting to put everyone's presents till midnight I think it will be more magical.

Christmas post will be coming up next=)