Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I guess I am ready

I was a little reluctant to write this post but I am going to anyways due to this blog being a journal to look back on. As you all know we will be trying for baby numero 2 this year @ December, and the reason for that is because I will be a college graduate in 5 months from then. Which I need to add, the only reason we waited this long is because of my crazy husband saying I had to have a degree before we can have another child. Damn guy trying to make my life better:P

This past New Years week was the scariest way to end 2012. I will tell you why, better yet I will show you why......

Yep, I had to get a pregnancy test because I was late..and not just late I mean like 1 week and 6 days late. Its not like I had never been late but this was like Holy Crap Im really late. So what I did was waited for the day before New Years Eve to take the test. The day before Jaime and I were very scared about what was to come when we took the test. We were very cuddly, we were smiling and hugging each other a lot more because we knew whatever the test results were, we were going to be ok.

So the next morning arrives and I wake up extremely early 5 am to be exact. I was shaking and I could feel myself so nervous about what was about to happen. All I kept thinking was oh my god, oh my god. So here we go I take off out the pregnancy the test and now Im waiting. Waiting for the momen everythng changes.

Ok 1 minute passes.....2 minutest pass....3 minutes pass.

I look at it, and there is one line.

Ok so I guess I'm not pregnant. Well that's kind of a relief, right?

 Not sure how I felt about the results but I thought for sure the I was pregnant.

4 days pass. All I'm thinking is where in the heck is my Period. What in gods sake is going on with my body? Then like I always do I'm thinking oh my god what if I have cervical cancer, oh my god what if it's because I don't drink enough water. All of these things were running through my head and then another thing popped into my head. What if the test was false.

I'm telling Jaime, Babe I think the test was wrong. I start to list the reasons why and the number one reason is because my period is nowhere to be found. After some thinking I was just imagining what my baby would look like, and the clothes I would put on him/her, the photos I will take this time, the fact that my baby girl will finally have a sibling. I was also thinking ok..Im going to started eating more fruits, I even started drinking water a lot. I have to say this wasn't in the plan but my god I was starting to get excited and telling myself the test was wrong, the test was wrong. I was feeling, I dare say, it ready to be a mommy again to another baby.

Then late Friday I saw the thing that I  thought I would not see for the next 9 months.... I saw some blood.
Ok....well I guess we really are not having a baby. I was sad for a few hours that this was not going to happen. I did learn something though....Im pretty sure Im ready if there is going to be a surprise baby. I know I said a couple of months ago that I was not ready but now that it is 2013 and it is just 11 months till be start to try for another baby,I would say that I am ready for baby #2.

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