Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good-bye Military life

Two nights ago Jaime and I were talking in bed right before we went to sleep and he told me "Babe Im done with the military, Im not going back after my enlistment is over". 
 I wont lie..I was pretty shocked because he had said that he wanted to keep drilling with them but to my surprise he said he was done...

So come Summer time He will be out of the Military. I am ready if he is ready. I told him whatever he wanted to do was alright with me. I was on board with it untill....I saw a man in Blues today...and I realized Im never going to see my husband dressed like that again:( yes It is a sad things,a very sad thing. He is so good looking in that!
But I still got about 5 months left to see him in Cami's:)

Im gonna miss being a wife to a man in the military but we all move on sometime right?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby dreams()WILW)

Linking up with Jamie for What Im Lovin Wednesday...I got to say I love doing these:)
*Last night I had  one of the best dreams ever...I was pregnant with a beautiful little girl and I was amazingly huge and I could feel her moving=)
 I think my baby fever is winning and seriously killing me.
I am Loving the classroom I observed on Tuesday...Best class Ive seen so far. I really need to take a picture of it when I get her permission.

I am Loving that Megan is getting out of her comfort zone. She is always so shy and this past weekend at my grandma's birthday she started to interact and be more opened with talking to other people and playing with other kids.
Megan with her cousin making grandma a birthday out of rocks.

I am Loving that I have officially started to eat healthy. I mean I do eat healthy but I'm going to eat healthier and limit the foods I eat.
I am Loving that I have  finally signed up for shutterfly!! 

I am also Loving that I get 50 prints for free from shutter fly and I finally get to print my pictures that Ive been stashing away in my SD card & the prof. pictures I took back in November.
I am Loving this bow that I got for Megans Little party!
I need to start making my own bows again...Megan loves bows and I think I'm going to have to start making them again, so I can stop buying them. Thanks to Pinterest I will get back to making them.

I am Loving that I will be receiving 20 new bows in the mail soon!! Can you tell I'm a little excited for bows.
They were a dollar a bow:)

I am Loving these pinterest finds:

 This site is for every bow you can make

To find all the site you can find them on my boards

& I am loving my two favorite people

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend recap

Is is just me or did this past weekend just fly was like oh hi Friday too aww crap it's Sunday night already:(None the less we did have a good weekend

Friday I went to school and only had one class, of course when I came back home I had to watch some TV!
because well I have a sickness hahaha
But at night we went to Wingstop...I really don't like those wings..but my family really wanted to eat there so I just went along and gave it another shot...still don't like them though.
 The ones on the left I think are the only ones that are good.

 Saturday My mom and I went to do some shopping, I got some pretty good stuff. I needed some khakis and I also bought a blazer..I need to expand myself to new things and I think my foot is out the door to do that:)
& I also found some super cute clothes from Megan so, score!!!

It was also the day of my grandma's party.
So many babies were just amazed me how many kids were there with just us cousins. I love it but I hate it b/c I know I cant have another
(and I mean not ready not medically) baby just yet. One of my cousins seems to be popping out babies...I wish I had her strength and will power for that:)
 That night I had a dream of my grandpa(my grandma's husband) and I felt like it was a sign that he was there with us:)

I had alot of homework to do so that is what I did for about 2 hours not too bad,we also had to get some dipped cones from Dairy Queen and then we washed our cars. That was fun...I got to hose down Jaime:)

Doesnt he look awesome with his shorts falling..not!hehehe

 I hope ya'll have a good Monday night.
I for one and looking forward for Fear Factor and The Bachelor

Another episode of Little baby G

yes everyone, I am currently having some baby fever yet again.....
It all started at my grandma 93rd birthday party which I will have a post about that too but for now due to all the babies that are surprisingly being born left and right. I have developed a baby fever.
I think Jaime also felt some fever that night...but it went away within hours for him.
Me..not so much.
So what can I doooo... look at pinterest too admire all the people having babies and having pictures taken and painting nurseries
Oh BTW I never put the link to my boards on Pinterest.
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I really hope this fever goes away soon. Otherwise I think I may drive myself crazy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mommy daughter day.

Yesterday, I got to say was a terrific mom and daughter day.
I always wanted a little girl since FOREVER and yesterday was exactly how I pictured having a little girl would be. If that makes sense.
Usually it's Me,Megan and Jaime, only because he has not had a lot of time with her due to this past deployment,so I like to included him in everything.

On to what I was saying:) yesterday was perfect! I woke up pretty early thinking and thinking if I am brave enough to take Megan to the movies by myself.
It didnt take much thought, so I got her and I ready and ate some breakfast with her.
We then went to the Movies to watch Beauty and the Beast 3D. It took awhile for my eyes to get used to the screen. I thought Megan was going to struggle with the 3D glasses but Nope...she did splendid and LOVED them and didnt even take them off.

I have to add in the middle of the movie Megan made me get her some popcorn, so there I go in the middle of the movie to get her some popcorn and a drink. I had told her I was going to take her to McDonalds apparently she really wanted popcorn instead, cant blame her.
After the movies we went to do a little damage on daddies expense:)
We didnt do too much damage I just needed a pant and some shirts for my observations in the school Im attending.

Then we did some shopping for her...and let me tell ya..the girl will go through each and every clothing. I'll give her option on which ones she can get and she will pick for herself. She kind of has my style of clothes but alot more girly-ish than me.

When I was driving back home I could not help to think, If god only gave me this little girl for the rest of my life I would be so happy and so blessed because I at least have her...some people dont have any. I thank god he gave me her, she is truly my best friends in the whole world.
Of course if god gave me another little baby, I am going to be extremely happy too...maybe god will give Jaime his best friend:)Never know.
Not that we are trying to have another baby..maybe in 2 years:) 
Here is a picture of us yesterday at the movies.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday:Weekend edition

I Love three day weekends, time for some sales and being with my little one while daddy-o gets to spend his time at work:P
3rd Birthday- I decided about 2 weeks ago I was going to make Megan's Birthday banner, so there I go to Pinterest to see if I could do something myself.

What I made was a combination from the two and came up with this
I will have to put holes on the corner to tie a bow with another part of the banners.
Not sure if that makes sense but I will post a picture of the finished product.

We also bought some birthday supplies from Party City

Bingo game card

While we were at Party City we actually took some funny shots of some of the things that were in there.

I have to add this side note, Jaime and I had originally planned for a small small litttle party..yeahhh that little party keeps growing and growing. Geez.

Pinterest- I saw these on Pinterst
& I just knew I had to do them. Megan gave me a little nudge to make the cake pops but I really wanted to make the glitter key.

Here are my results to both things

 I love the ending products!!!

I really want to try this craft too.
I will be making Megan a Tutu! I hope it comes out looking pretty!
I think Im going to wait on that for next week.
That was pretty much my weekend...
We also got some pretty exciting life changing news but just to be on the safe side and not jinx(yes I believe in that) anything Im going to wait on telling anyone:)

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