Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good-bye Military life

Two nights ago Jaime and I were talking in bed right before we went to sleep and he told me "Babe Im done with the military, Im not going back after my enlistment is over". 
 I wont lie..I was pretty shocked because he had said that he wanted to keep drilling with them but to my surprise he said he was done...

So come Summer time He will be out of the Military. I am ready if he is ready. I told him whatever he wanted to do was alright with me. I was on board with it untill....I saw a man in Blues today...and I realized Im never going to see my husband dressed like that again:( yes It is a sad things,a very sad thing. He is so good looking in that!
But I still got about 5 months left to see him in Cami's:)

Im gonna miss being a wife to a man in the military but we all move on sometime right?


Rebekah said...

You'll be starting a new adventure for sure!

Heather said...

These pictures are incredible. I'm sure you have a mixture of emotions, but if God closes one door there's always a bigger and better one being opened. The love and support of your husband is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.