Friday, November 26, 2010

No Sleep tonight-Pictures(black friday&Jaime,)

M husband came home yesterday, didnt want to say anything because I dont like posting stuff about when he might come or not.

Too Lazy to put them in Order.

 Listen to this it was the song I kept singing yesterday during the wait at Walmart for black friday. We left from our house at 10:30 p.m, Jaime,Me,my sister,my cousin, we all were gonna go shopping for stuff. I was aiming for Toy Story characters and some sweaters. Jaime was looking for a portable hard drive & skull headphones. My sister and cousin didnt have a perference. 

If you all didnt know Walmart was doing someting different, Toys and clothes and home stuff was going on sale at 12:01 Friday, and all the t.v's & electronics were going on sale at 5 AM. So we were all coming up with plans and strategys. So we came up with my cousing would stay in one spot and we would go out and get the stuff and dump it and head back out.

It was a mad house at Walmart! I got DVD's, Sweaters,and other stuff.

We were just playing around:)

Minutes before 12:01

This was where he set up camp, he was so tired!!

The whole reason we stayed till 5am! $20 printer,copier,scanner

The cousin


Our cart:) Yep those are pads.

My parents wanted two printers so we found them but the only thing was that they didnt go on sale till 5 am so we had to stay there. We set up camp and we were just talking and got some magazines, it was really fun. My husband didnt think so lol. He does not want to do this again next year, even though I told him ahead of time.

Here is the stuff we got!
In case you were curious:)

We also got Jaime's portable hard drive but I could not find the picture:/

I hope you all had fun on Black friday:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Im loving Wednesday:)

 Let me just say that I cant wait to finally be able to eat trukey and my moms famous caserole! I have waited all year for this:)

I am linking up this wednesday with Jamie @ This kind of love

Im loving that tommorow is Thanksgiving!

Im loving that this is my last day for school and that I dont have school Friday and of course the weekend:0

Im Loving that Jaime and I & Megan are going to be getting a puppy (aka chihuahua) soon.
(Story: I had a tea cup chihuahua named charlie when I was in high school and he was my baby,he was given to me by an ex boyfriends. I still had him when I was with Jaime but Jaime didnt like him and he was always talking smack about him so I assumed that he didnt like him because he didnt give me the puppy so I gave him up. It was the hardest thing, Ill never forget it. He was my first fur baby:)

He kind of looked like this

I am Loving that Jaime and I are looking at Appliances for our casita when he comes home:)

I am loving these tops from Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday:)

Top 2 Things on Your Christmas Wish List 

1. I cant not stress enough how much I want this. I have been wanting this for maybe a year and a half.

2. My second, I dont care if I get it or not.... I can wait. But if I do get this for christmas that would be freakin awesome!!!

What are your top two christmas gifts:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures & Miscellany Monday:)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{Sunday}I had such a relaxing day today:) Didnt really do much but see t.v all day and study a little bit but I do want to share some news with you. Miss M is like skating through the whole process of potty training!! I just have to ask her if she needs to pee and if she says yes we go to the potty and she does her business. I just cant believe that she is actually doing it. Im super proud of her. I wanted to cry. Im guessing the daycare is helping out because they told me that she has been going there too so wow.. I am so amazed with her!

{You are what you eat!}Did ya'll know that chickens are given hormones so that they can produce more eggs? I had no idea until a couple of day ago. Those hormones that the chicken is eating are the same hormones we are eating from the eggs, so I told my mom and Jaime that we are not eating those eggs anymore, what if there is a link between all these chickens hormones and the reason people have so many health problems. So from now on in our house we will only be eating organic eggs. Im not gonna let my daughter eat anymore of those homomal eggs! They are expensive but after hearing about all this stuff it scared me and im not gonna give that to Megan.

My dad was like " becarful there might be a baby chicken in one of them" I was so scared, I felt so bad, every single egg I cracked I was just praying that there was not a baby chicken in My momma later said he was just joking heehe:)
The eggs are so flavored, I mean they are just rich with flavor. I recommend everyone buying them, they are expensive but I would much rather eat these than the hormones.

{Teacher Assistant/Sub} So I need to apply for a sub for next year but Im so afraid to sub for high school. im 5'1 they are going to kill me! Im a small girl and some high schoolers are very tall. I really hope that the school district is going to put me with high school because I think I would cry. I think I have mentioned that I have taught middle school and I hated it. Everyone is just too cool to learn where I live. I swear while I was teaching I could hear crickets, maybe I was doing something wrong but I jsut got no answers from them when I asked question about the lesson.  Im really hoping I get put in an Elementary class that would just be the best day ever!! Call me crazy but I feel rigtht at home teaching Elementary kids.

Isnt this pretty, It was on Sunday when I saw the clouds like this. Ah gods creations:)

Little miss Im cool cuz i can pee in the potty:)

This was the morning

She was being the cute girl

she always is:)!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include being with Family,Jaime and Megan and watching the Dallas Cowboy game!

2. My favorite Thanksgiving was  last thanksgiving. It was so much fun! my uncle was there and Jaime was there  it was just so much love that day. My little brother said this really funny joke about my mom that we will never forget, it was not nice but she laughed lol.

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is.. I dont have one My momma still cooks thanksging dishes. I still have yet to find something I really like to cook on thanksgiving,maybe next year when I have my casita I will let you know:)

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is Im not sure what it's called but it a caserole of green beans and mushrooms:) mmmmm that is sooo good:)

5. Thanksgiving free association! turkey!!!

6. Thansgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I look forward to this day all year long! I dont feel so bad for eating turkey because everyone else is pigging out too lol

7. I am thankful for  oh gosh this could take a long time naming everyone, but Im gonna say my family  but Im very very thankful that my hubby is coming home! Im so happy that Im going to get to be with him for thanksgiving:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some pictures:)

Guess what???!!!

I finally cut my hair!!

After a year of not cutting it!

Is anyone else super excited for the holiday!!!??? As I was driving to pick up Miss M, there was this place that said Christmas trees!! I literally screamed in my car!. Im super excited to say good bye to 2010! It was awesome but I really need to get this school over with!

I have not figured out what to get Jaime for chirstmas but Im pretty sure if we dont get the new iPod for Black friday Im gonna get him the new iPod for christmas! How lucky is he?!

Today was super cold, it was not like snow or like below 40 but it was very cold! I live in Texas anyting below 60 is cold lol!!!! but anyways here are some pictures that are from my phone, I have not been using my camera lately, it the end of the semester it's really hard to be worried about taking

I dont know if ya'll remember this pic of the dress on my bed(you can read the post here), but here I am wearing it! I didnt think it would look nice on me because I have a ton of curves and my butt is pretty big. But the hubby liked it and thats all that matters:)

I miss this crazy guy!!!!