Friday, November 26, 2010

No Sleep tonight-Pictures(black friday&Jaime,)

M husband came home yesterday, didnt want to say anything because I dont like posting stuff about when he might come or not.

Too Lazy to put them in Order.

 Listen to this it was the song I kept singing yesterday during the wait at Walmart for black friday. We left from our house at 10:30 p.m, Jaime,Me,my sister,my cousin, we all were gonna go shopping for stuff. I was aiming for Toy Story characters and some sweaters. Jaime was looking for a portable hard drive & skull headphones. My sister and cousin didnt have a perference. 

If you all didnt know Walmart was doing someting different, Toys and clothes and home stuff was going on sale at 12:01 Friday, and all the t.v's & electronics were going on sale at 5 AM. So we were all coming up with plans and strategys. So we came up with my cousing would stay in one spot and we would go out and get the stuff and dump it and head back out.

It was a mad house at Walmart! I got DVD's, Sweaters,and other stuff.

We were just playing around:)

Minutes before 12:01

This was where he set up camp, he was so tired!!

The whole reason we stayed till 5am! $20 printer,copier,scanner

The cousin


Our cart:) Yep those are pads.

My parents wanted two printers so we found them but the only thing was that they didnt go on sale till 5 am so we had to stay there. We set up camp and we were just talking and got some magazines, it was really fun. My husband didnt think so lol. He does not want to do this again next year, even though I told him ahead of time.

Here is the stuff we got!
In case you were curious:)

We also got Jaime's portable hard drive but I could not find the picture:/

I hope you all had fun on Black friday:)

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