Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinterest Finds

So I think every sunday I will be posting my Pinterest Finds for the week:) or some of them because I find way too many:)

I am looking for a hairdo for the Marine Corps ball...Im thinking something like this
somthing kind of simple and wont ruin so fast.

Ok does anyone else feels this way at times..I think I feel it worse when Im shopping and Im about to pay and the person after me is right up on me. Oh my god I feel like screaming "Personal Space". I dont but I feel so violated for some reason.

This onsie I just love so much.

Ok I think Ive mentioned this before but Im still afraid of the dark!(*gasp*) yep I know
crazy right? Ive been told more scary stories than I could handle:) So I when Im all alone, and it's the middle of the night,  I tend to run to my bed and sometimes cradle to fetal position just in case someone is under my bed trying to get my feet and pull me under the bed...hahah my imagination runs wild.

This one is just too skinkin cute!!! I have to do this when Jaime gets back.

 Megan is becoming a book worm just like her mom! We have waayyy too many books in our house and thats because we still have more in our storage! So im really hoping my husband can make us one of these. That would be amazing!

Hahahahaha I just thought this one was hilarious!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

Its been awhile since Ive done a fill in the blank Friday:) But Im excited to do it this Friday:)
Link up here.

1.My favorite color is... Navy Blue.For some reason that one has been following me. Your can see me wearing Navy blue all the time. Sad but true.

These are currently my favorite shoes..they even go with dresses. I love them...Im even considering buying another pair:) dont tell my husband.hahaha

2. My travel destination of choice anywhere relaxing,hmm maybe on a beach house with the beach right in the backyard ahhh I can see it now.

3. My favorite food is right now Hot fries, does that count? I have to stop eating them though I know they are bad for me.

4. My happy place is watching my little girl doing something new and just staring at her. I just enjoy watching her twirl and just being carefree,that is my happy place. To just see her with not a care in the world but just being a child:)

5. My favorite saying is "everything happens for a reason". I would tell you a story about why I'm a firm believer in that but it is a very very long story and It brings up the past that I dont like to talk about but...really, things do happen for a reason:) My life is living proof of it.

6. My dirty little secret is that I absolutely find doing my hair a chore..I know *gasp* very unwomanly of me..but if you saw how thick my hair was you would be over it soon. but I find a way to push myself to straighten my hair because the husband likes it like that:)
Via Google

7. Something friends might say about me is that I am a confident person in my education and Im so focused on school, one of my friends told me I inspire her to further her education...that is something I will cherish forever:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Findings-Vera Wang

I love going to the thirft never know what you find, I found a really nice wooden chair I mean it looked disgusting on the outside but if you just painted it,it would look really nice. I didnt buy it though, I would not be able to do it on my own.

Buuutt I did find some really really awesome dresses, one I might wear for the Marine Corps Ball in November.

This is the Vera Wang dress. Its very beautiful,this is such a bad photo of it though.
I love this dress but Its about 5 or 6 sizes to big for me though, so I dont know if they can refit it for me.
And its navy blue, perfect to match Jaime in his Dress Blues:)

The origninal tags were still on this dress the original price was 78.99..I paid 9.98:)

I found another dress, but its more of a summer dress.

I thought this dress was so cute! I just had to have it but Im thinking of giving it to my fits a little tightish around the black waist part.
This dress was 4.95

I tend to always find something when I go to a thrift store Its amazing what you can find if you just look:)

Happy Thursday Ya'll!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Most beautiful song ever!

Two post in one day..yeah sorry If I blow up your feed:) Havent been on here in awhile.

So I was listening to Pandora again...hahaha
Who does not love Pandora..well anyways
I found the most beautiful song in the world...and it has to do with getting married..
Now I have told Jaime that I reall really want to sing this song on the day we get remarried..yep it's coming up for our 5 years anniversary.We get to start planning when he gets home:)

Ok loosing track husband plays the guitar and from what I have heard the song is pretty easy to learn..we are planning on performing it on the day we get married..

Here it is:)

Everytime I listen to that song I think the first time I laid eyes on my husband...I love it when they say that it's all about timing because if you really think about really is:)

What Im loving Wednesday

I havent done a WILW in a long time if you wanna play along head over to Jaime's blog :)

I am loving this wonderful wednesday of Day 2 of being on vacation:)
I am loving it!!

 I am loving that My moms friend bought us tickets to have a day of fun at schlitterbahn beach part!!! Yay! We will also be renting a hotel so we will just be there for one night on Friday...oh well anything to have a little get away.

Via google

 I am loving all the pinterest finds about inspirtational quotes, they really help me:)

Hard work really does pay off...Im living proof of it.

This cute quote is from Taylor swift, I think I posted the video on one of my post..If you wanna listen to the song here is the post ,it's really cute:)

I love this one...if only I could pay someone to write this on a canvas of some sort..I think Of something I really love this quote.

I am loving this website it's called Post secret. Its about people from everywhere that send in postcards that have their deepest secret but its anonymous. I cant really relate to some of theses but on facebook there is a group that has some of these post secrets and they are from usmc ladies that are included on the site. I like it...I found one that hit hard and Im glad Im not the only one feeling that way. Just to give you a sneak peek on the secrets....

Via PostSecret

I am loving that we got dates for Mail to cut off!! Woohoo!! I have been waiting for it for a long time...the only problem is that  I really wanted to send him some presents.

I am loving that My husband and I will be 4 years married nexty week!! I cant believe its been 4 years, I feel like its been so fast but then again I think that it has partly to do with the fact that Ive actually spent two years with him in all:( Oh well that the military life for ya.
As usual I am Loving My husband and Daughter:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Deployment Update.

So Im back!!!Woohoo! Im done with the worst semester so far, and Im so happy and going to enjoy this next month with just doing absolutely nothing but getting ready for Homecoming:) Yep Homecoming... We are so close to be done.

Megan is getting excited just as much as I am. We are just ready for our Hero to get back home. We have a long list of things to do when he gets home. I wish I could do some of the projects without him but I have no clue how to use a saw or any of the manly things that I need him to do.

I did want to post some picture of my baby girl:)

I am having the best time with her...I know that when Jaime gets back im going to be forgotten so I have to soak up this time with her before he daddy gets back to her:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just a little while longer...

I still have a couple of days to go for this semester to go then I will be back to blogging..I have so much reading to do with everyones posts...many many comments will be going ya'lls way:) I will be back in a couple of days giving ya'll an update on our lives and of course this deployment that I am still going through..but soon to end:)