Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Most beautiful song ever!

Two post in one day..yeah sorry If I blow up your feed:) Havent been on here in awhile.

So I was listening to Pandora again...hahaha
Who does not love Pandora..well anyways
I found the most beautiful song in the world...and it has to do with getting married..
Now I have told Jaime that I reall really want to sing this song on the day we get remarried..yep it's coming up for our 5 years anniversary.We get to start planning when he gets home:)

Ok loosing track husband plays the guitar and from what I have heard the song is pretty easy to learn..we are planning on performing it on the day we get married..

Here it is:)

Everytime I listen to that song I think the first time I laid eyes on my husband...I love it when they say that it's all about timing because if you really think about really is:)

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Holly Marie said...

I am obsessed with this song! LOVE it :)