Monday, June 17, 2013

The 400th post

This past week was one of the worst weeks so far. I had two midterms and some of other classwork due, so I was so busy that I had to remember to breathe(I'm exaggerating) but none the less I was so dead tired from school work. With lots of school work, comes zero time for blogging so here is to catching up on the events of our life.

1. Last week on Monday, Megan and Jaime went to Galveston. The day before though Megan had fever due to some ants that had bit her the day before and on Sunday she was just thrown on the couch NOT talking to me. My kid can talk up a storm so yep, I knew she was sick. It was pretty sad seeing her like this. The next day though, which was Monday, she was feeling a lot better and went with her dad to pick up her grandma. I was not totally o.k with her leaving because she had just gotten over her fever but Jaime insisted.

2. Megan was suppose to start Pre-k this fall but because of my school situation It just wasn't going to work. The plan is to get a job at a school and to enroll Megan in the school that I get a job in. That way she can come to my room after school and if there is early release she can stay in my room or Jaime can pick her up in my room. I would just feel so much better if she was in my school, where she knows her mom is at. In the meantime though I feel it's my job to get her up to speed on the things she needs to learn when she enters Kindergarten. I still need a few more things for her but for now this is what I have came up with to get her started for the summer.  I made a flannel board, traceable letters, and pictures that correspond with pictures.

3. State testing is in full mode this summer. I have signed up for a few tests already and I am pretty nervous about it too. I have been doing a pretty good amount of studying and I know that I'm still not ready but these are just practice test to prepare me for the real test. I am scared of these tests. Im mostly struggling with the legal stuff to the profession.

4. Megan's bed is not well suited for her anymore, so we have been looking for a twin bed. Something that is going to last her till she graduates high school. We have not had much luck with finding the specific one we are looking for but we are still on the hunt for it. I want a twin bed with some drawers on the bottom and Jaime wants a bunk bed. Why would she need a bunk bed is beyond me.

5. Megan is getting so much better with her writing and Im just glad to be a part of it. She still needs some work but she is on the road to awesome writing:)

Taking Megan to see Epic. I didn't have much planned today but I hate that she has been a little bored because momma is stuck doing work and writing papers all day long. Hopefully she likes it and we can come home and play on her play set.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Her Daddy

Megan's dad is one of the best days in the world. There is nothing he wont do to make her happy. He will let her put make-up on him. He will wrap a blanket around his waste, to make a skirt to wear and play with his baby girl. He will give her the last cookie. He will sleep in her room if she is too scared to sleep by herself. He will let her sleep on his side of our bed while half his body hangs off the bed. I think he has deserved the title of Best Dad Ever.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Well, Im going to say that this day could have gone a whole lot better. Let's just say there were two girls crying on Graduation day and they were Me and Megan. You know how you have an idea of how your day is going to go and it turns out to be the complete opposite.That's pretty much how It was this day.

Megan had been waiting all week long for this day and I was a hot mess all week crying. I wanted this day to go on smoothly and memorable.I should probably keep my expectation low from now on on days like these, so there's no surprises. So, It all started when Megan got a paper cut. How and where she got it, is beyond me. All I know is that I was trying to take a picture and out of nowhere Megan starts to cry like someone was hurting her. It was just a little overboard is what it sounded like.

We arrive at the school and Megan is looking for all her friends and is getting over excited and saying hi to everyone.It was really cute. The babies and the 2-3 years olds did a little dancing and singing and then it was time for the 4 year olds to come on stage.Megan was so focused on her paper cut that she refused to dance and sing. So she pretty much was just fiddling on stage. She's a little over dramatic. oh My child! She was just not in the best mood.

 When she was receiving her little diplomas, this momma started crying like a baby. It was an emotional day but when I saw her walking with her little diploma the thought of her as a baby popped in and the thought of her graduating from high school and college popped in.God help me

Monday, June 3, 2013


I don't know if you all notice but I have an Insta Monday-Friday posts on here sometimes.hahaha!

 Jaime and I put together Megan's swing set, and when I say and I, its not totally true. I really didnt do a whole lot. I helped, but he did most of the work. It was crazy hot that day but It was pretty nice to just spend time together even if we were both sweating and the next day we were pretty tired. We still need to put the monkey bars on and the anchors but Miss Megan just could not wait any longer.

 I went to the library last week and I was just glancing around. I had reserved Insurgent and was there just to pick up that book but instead went home with 3 others. First off, there was J.K. Rowling. Everyone is raving about The Casual Vacancy. I dont know If I am going to like it, but I guess I'm just judging the book by it's cover. I'll let you know how the books go. Also, I have been meaning to let you all know that on my reviews I dont like to give too much on how I feel on the book only because its my personal feelings towards the book and I would hate to put out there that a book isn't that great when, for another person, it could be an amazing book. Which is why I never go into depth with my personal feelings towards a book.

 For the past two weeks Megan's daycare was doing a raffle for a couple of prizes. The top prizes were an Apple Ipad and a Kindle Fire and some other prizes that I cant remember. On the day that we "thought" there were going to announce the winners, they didn't call us so we just automatically thought that we didn't win anything. So on Monday we took Megan to daycare, and usually they post on the door who were the winners. They do this kind of raffle every year. They didnt have the post on the door. I didnt think much of it. Jaime then picks up Megan later on and he calls me and says "Hey, we won!" I'm shocked saying "no way!". He gets home and Megan hands me a kindle fire. So that means we now have two. The one we won is now Megan's. The other one is going to be shared between Jaime and I. It was pretty awesome. Never won something that big.
Last Monday Megan was saying how bored she was. It was too hot for us to be outside so I brought this awesome game inside. She learned her numbers and was also getting some playing time with her momma. At some point she decided to change up the rules and said we had to hopscotch backwards. Lets just say that my ankles were killing me after we were done playing.