Monday, June 3, 2013


I don't know if you all notice but I have an Insta Monday-Friday posts on here sometimes.hahaha!

 Jaime and I put together Megan's swing set, and when I say and I, its not totally true. I really didnt do a whole lot. I helped, but he did most of the work. It was crazy hot that day but It was pretty nice to just spend time together even if we were both sweating and the next day we were pretty tired. We still need to put the monkey bars on and the anchors but Miss Megan just could not wait any longer.

 I went to the library last week and I was just glancing around. I had reserved Insurgent and was there just to pick up that book but instead went home with 3 others. First off, there was J.K. Rowling. Everyone is raving about The Casual Vacancy. I dont know If I am going to like it, but I guess I'm just judging the book by it's cover. I'll let you know how the books go. Also, I have been meaning to let you all know that on my reviews I dont like to give too much on how I feel on the book only because its my personal feelings towards the book and I would hate to put out there that a book isn't that great when, for another person, it could be an amazing book. Which is why I never go into depth with my personal feelings towards a book.

 For the past two weeks Megan's daycare was doing a raffle for a couple of prizes. The top prizes were an Apple Ipad and a Kindle Fire and some other prizes that I cant remember. On the day that we "thought" there were going to announce the winners, they didn't call us so we just automatically thought that we didn't win anything. So on Monday we took Megan to daycare, and usually they post on the door who were the winners. They do this kind of raffle every year. They didnt have the post on the door. I didnt think much of it. Jaime then picks up Megan later on and he calls me and says "Hey, we won!" I'm shocked saying "no way!". He gets home and Megan hands me a kindle fire. So that means we now have two. The one we won is now Megan's. The other one is going to be shared between Jaime and I. It was pretty awesome. Never won something that big.
Last Monday Megan was saying how bored she was. It was too hot for us to be outside so I brought this awesome game inside. She learned her numbers and was also getting some playing time with her momma. At some point she decided to change up the rules and said we had to hopscotch backwards. Lets just say that my ankles were killing me after we were done playing.

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