Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Findings-Vera Wang

I love going to the thirft never know what you find, I found a really nice wooden chair I mean it looked disgusting on the outside but if you just painted it,it would look really nice. I didnt buy it though, I would not be able to do it on my own.

Buuutt I did find some really really awesome dresses, one I might wear for the Marine Corps Ball in November.

This is the Vera Wang dress. Its very beautiful,this is such a bad photo of it though.
I love this dress but Its about 5 or 6 sizes to big for me though, so I dont know if they can refit it for me.
And its navy blue, perfect to match Jaime in his Dress Blues:)

The origninal tags were still on this dress the original price was 78.99..I paid 9.98:)

I found another dress, but its more of a summer dress.

I thought this dress was so cute! I just had to have it but Im thinking of giving it to my fits a little tightish around the black waist part.
This dress was 4.95

I tend to always find something when I go to a thrift store Its amazing what you can find if you just look:)

Happy Thursday Ya'll!!

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