Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinterest Finds

So I think every sunday I will be posting my Pinterest Finds for the week:) or some of them because I find way too many:)

I am looking for a hairdo for the Marine Corps ball...Im thinking something like this
somthing kind of simple and wont ruin so fast.

Ok does anyone else feels this way at times..I think I feel it worse when Im shopping and Im about to pay and the person after me is right up on me. Oh my god I feel like screaming "Personal Space". I dont but I feel so violated for some reason.

This onsie I just love so much.

Ok I think Ive mentioned this before but Im still afraid of the dark!(*gasp*) yep I know
crazy right? Ive been told more scary stories than I could handle:) So I when Im all alone, and it's the middle of the night,  I tend to run to my bed and sometimes cradle to fetal position just in case someone is under my bed trying to get my feet and pull me under the bed...hahah my imagination runs wild.

This one is just too skinkin cute!!! I have to do this when Jaime gets back.

 Megan is becoming a book worm just like her mom! We have waayyy too many books in our house and thats because we still have more in our storage! So im really hoping my husband can make us one of these. That would be amazing!

Hahahahaha I just thought this one was hilarious!


Rebekah said...

That hair style is so pretty! Haha, the one about running from the bathroom in the dark is so true for me. Just about every night!

Nicole said...

That onesie is hilarious! That's how it all starts! & Yup I am totally afraid of the dark. I have a night light in the hall from the bathroom to my bedroom! Yes, I am 26! lol Personal space is a BIG one for me, I am a receptionist & I just feel like patients get ballsier by the day! Some even drop their head over to see if they can pick out their appointment! Craaaazy! I need to post that picture on my desk!

La Cabrona said...

omg amiga...rofl.... i loved this post i especially loved the personal space one... i feel like that all the time... and then the "scared" of the dark... omg... seriously i am afraid to go to the bathroom cause i think someone behind the curtain somexs