Monday, July 25, 2011

Deployment Update.

So Im back!!!Woohoo! Im done with the worst semester so far, and Im so happy and going to enjoy this next month with just doing absolutely nothing but getting ready for Homecoming:) Yep Homecoming... We are so close to be done.

Megan is getting excited just as much as I am. We are just ready for our Hero to get back home. We have a long list of things to do when he gets home. I wish I could do some of the projects without him but I have no clue how to use a saw or any of the manly things that I need him to do.

I did want to post some picture of my baby girl:)

I am having the best time with her...I know that when Jaime gets back im going to be forgotten so I have to soak up this time with her before he daddy gets back to her:)


Rebekah said...

Yay for getting through the semester! Megan is just too cute. :)

La Cabrona said...

I love the pics... Megan is way cuter than Marilyn Monroe in the pic with her skirt lol