Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

I havent done a WILW in a long time if you wanna play along head over to Jaime's blog :)

I am loving this wonderful wednesday of Day 2 of being on vacation:)
I am loving it!!

 I am loving that My moms friend bought us tickets to have a day of fun at schlitterbahn beach part!!! Yay! We will also be renting a hotel so we will just be there for one night on Friday...oh well anything to have a little get away.

Via google

 I am loving all the pinterest finds about inspirtational quotes, they really help me:)

Hard work really does pay off...Im living proof of it.

This cute quote is from Taylor swift, I think I posted the video on one of my post..If you wanna listen to the song here is the post ,it's really cute:)

I love this one...if only I could pay someone to write this on a canvas of some sort..I think Of something I really love this quote.

I am loving this website it's called Post secret. Its about people from everywhere that send in postcards that have their deepest secret but its anonymous. I cant really relate to some of theses but on facebook there is a group that has some of these post secrets and they are from usmc ladies that are included on the site. I like it...I found one that hit hard and Im glad Im not the only one feeling that way. Just to give you a sneak peek on the secrets....

Via PostSecret

I am loving that we got dates for Mail to cut off!! Woohoo!! I have been waiting for it for a long time...the only problem is that  I really wanted to send him some presents.

I am loving that My husband and I will be 4 years married nexty week!! I cant believe its been 4 years, I feel like its been so fast but then again I think that it has partly to do with the fact that Ive actually spent two years with him in all:( Oh well that the military life for ya.
As usual I am Loving My husband and Daughter:)


Rebekah said...

I love Pinterest! Schlitterbahn is so fun! I went when I was younger but it would be so fun to go again! Happy early Anniversary!

La Cabrona said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures with the inspirational quotes those always lift my spirts... my bf reads these books "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and every morning he say to himself in the mirror- "I have a millionair mind" ROFL-- crazy but i guess it helps him!

Sarah said...

I LOVE these quotes! Pinterest is kind of the best thing ever :) I'll have to find you because you have amazing taste :)