Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Im loving Wednesday:)

 Let me just say that I cant wait to finally be able to eat trukey and my moms famous caserole! I have waited all year for this:)

I am linking up this wednesday with Jamie @ This kind of love

Im loving that tommorow is Thanksgiving!

Im loving that this is my last day for school and that I dont have school Friday and of course the weekend:0

Im Loving that Jaime and I & Megan are going to be getting a puppy (aka chihuahua) soon.
(Story: I had a tea cup chihuahua named charlie when I was in high school and he was my baby,he was given to me by an ex boyfriends. I still had him when I was with Jaime but Jaime didnt like him and he was always talking smack about him so I assumed that he didnt like him because he didnt give me the puppy so I gave him up. It was the hardest thing, Ill never forget it. He was my first fur baby:)

He kind of looked like this

I am Loving that Jaime and I are looking at Appliances for our casita when he comes home:)

I am loving these tops from Charlotte Russe


Kit said...

Great things you are loving!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I love those tops too!