Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some pictures:)

Guess what???!!!

I finally cut my hair!!

After a year of not cutting it!

Is anyone else super excited for the holiday!!!??? As I was driving to pick up Miss M, there was this place that said Christmas trees!! I literally screamed in my car!. Im super excited to say good bye to 2010! It was awesome but I really need to get this school over with!

I have not figured out what to get Jaime for chirstmas but Im pretty sure if we dont get the new iPod for Black friday Im gonna get him the new iPod for christmas! How lucky is he?!

Today was super cold, it was not like snow or like below 40 but it was very cold! I live in Texas anyting below 60 is cold lol!!!! but anyways here are some pictures that are from my phone, I have not been using my camera lately, it the end of the semester it's really hard to be worried about taking

I dont know if ya'll remember this pic of the dress on my bed(you can read the post here), but here I am wearing it! I didnt think it would look nice on me because I have a ton of curves and my butt is pretty big. But the hubby liked it and thats all that matters:)

I miss this crazy guy!!!!

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Gris said...

Nice hair cut. I want to go black friday shopping but I don't think I'm going to go this year.

I have a award for you in my blog.