Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend recap:) & Miscellany Monday

   Im not a fan of posting two post in one day .So Im gonna put two in one:)

First off, Taylor Swifts album is out today!!!:)

So Like I said on Friday I could not wait to go SHOPPING. I went to Ross because Im a discount girl:)
and I found this dress for my date with Jaime! I love it, I didnt think I could pull this look but when I saw myself in the mirror I was just like wow I actually look really good in this. I dont want to sound cocky but I really liked the way this looked on me:)

This dress I got because I could not decide on both of them. I was thinking and thinking where could I use this for, and I forgot that I wanted to wear something nice for Jaime(yes Im that wife that likes to dress up for the hubb) so Im so excited to wear this for him,Its kind of plain and I rememberd that I have this shaw cover thing that I could wear with that,so Yay!

It was my sisters birthday party and alot of people showed up, my sister gave this very emotional speech that made me cry,she said in her speech she could not ask for a better older sister, it was just so touching.

Here are some pictures of that day:

Getting ready
These are the guys she hangs out with, the girls still werent there yet.

My momma and Mrs. Meg


Sleep-in day for all of US:)

Monday Miscellany:

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{Registration} for Spring semester starts today, and I really didnt know what to expect. I love the schedule I have and I wish It did not have to change but oh well. My classes are Algebra,Govt, and a Special education class that I have to take for my degree plan:) Im super excited to start on my teaching classes!!! AAAHHH! Im so excited! Im kind of upset that Im only taking three classes but I know with Jaime gone it's gonna take a toll on me emotionally and it's going to get the best of me so I wanted to be on the safe side and take three classes again for this semester:)

{Substitute Teacher} I called today at the school district I live close to and they said that I could apply to substitute but Im not thrilled that Im going to be working with all grade levels, I want to stay away from High school and Junior high. I have worked with them before and I never want to go back there again! I dont feel comfortable there so im not sure what Im going to do, I wish I knew if all school district are like that.

{Megan's Party} Megan is Turning 2 in four months!!!! Holy cow where has the time gone. My cousins are already starting on their daughter party but Im not sure If I should but then again i'll be the only one planning it so maybe I should. I only have one thing done, and that is the theme. She is IN LOVE with Toy Story! So thats is step one covered:)

Thats all I have for today:)

Happy Monday Ya'll:)


Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

LOVE the dress!

Gris said...

Lol the picture of you, and your little girl is so cute, the way shes looking at you.

EKN said...

Love both dresses! Super cute!

Good luck with your classes. I was an Education major before I switched to Political Science... It was so much fun and I keep wondering why I ever changed majors!

Venessa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The cake balls are not hard to make once you get the hang of it. But they are very time consuming.