Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures & Miscellany Monday:)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{Sunday}I had such a relaxing day today:) Didnt really do much but see t.v all day and study a little bit but I do want to share some news with you. Miss M is like skating through the whole process of potty training!! I just have to ask her if she needs to pee and if she says yes we go to the potty and she does her business. I just cant believe that she is actually doing it. Im super proud of her. I wanted to cry. Im guessing the daycare is helping out because they told me that she has been going there too so wow.. I am so amazed with her!

{You are what you eat!}Did ya'll know that chickens are given hormones so that they can produce more eggs? I had no idea until a couple of day ago. Those hormones that the chicken is eating are the same hormones we are eating from the eggs, so I told my mom and Jaime that we are not eating those eggs anymore, what if there is a link between all these chickens hormones and the reason people have so many health problems. So from now on in our house we will only be eating organic eggs. Im not gonna let my daughter eat anymore of those homomal eggs! They are expensive but after hearing about all this stuff it scared me and im not gonna give that to Megan.

My dad was like " becarful there might be a baby chicken in one of them" I was so scared, I felt so bad, every single egg I cracked I was just praying that there was not a baby chicken in My momma later said he was just joking heehe:)
The eggs are so flavored, I mean they are just rich with flavor. I recommend everyone buying them, they are expensive but I would much rather eat these than the hormones.

{Teacher Assistant/Sub} So I need to apply for a sub for next year but Im so afraid to sub for high school. im 5'1 they are going to kill me! Im a small girl and some high schoolers are very tall. I really hope that the school district is going to put me with high school because I think I would cry. I think I have mentioned that I have taught middle school and I hated it. Everyone is just too cool to learn where I live. I swear while I was teaching I could hear crickets, maybe I was doing something wrong but I jsut got no answers from them when I asked question about the lesson.  Im really hoping I get put in an Elementary class that would just be the best day ever!! Call me crazy but I feel rigtht at home teaching Elementary kids.

Isnt this pretty, It was on Sunday when I saw the clouds like this. Ah gods creations:)

Little miss Im cool cuz i can pee in the potty:)

This was the morning

She was being the cute girl

she always is:)!!!

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Kim said...

REally cute pictures. The thought of those eggs is sickening! Found you through Lowercase.