Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby dreams()WILW)

Linking up with Jamie for What Im Lovin Wednesday...I got to say I love doing these:)
*Last night I had  one of the best dreams ever...I was pregnant with a beautiful little girl and I was amazingly huge and I could feel her moving=)
 I think my baby fever is winning and seriously killing me.
I am Loving the classroom I observed on Tuesday...Best class Ive seen so far. I really need to take a picture of it when I get her permission.

I am Loving that Megan is getting out of her comfort zone. She is always so shy and this past weekend at my grandma's birthday she started to interact and be more opened with talking to other people and playing with other kids.
Megan with her cousin making grandma a birthday out of rocks.

I am Loving that I have officially started to eat healthy. I mean I do eat healthy but I'm going to eat healthier and limit the foods I eat.
I am Loving that I have  finally signed up for shutterfly!! 

I am also Loving that I get 50 prints for free from shutter fly and I finally get to print my pictures that Ive been stashing away in my SD card & the prof. pictures I took back in November.
I am Loving this bow that I got for Megans Little party!
I need to start making my own bows again...Megan loves bows and I think I'm going to have to start making them again, so I can stop buying them. Thanks to Pinterest I will get back to making them.

I am Loving that I will be receiving 20 new bows in the mail soon!! Can you tell I'm a little excited for bows.
They were a dollar a bow:)

I am Loving these pinterest finds:

 This site is for every bow you can make

To find all the site you can find them on my boards

& I am loving my two favorite people


Holly said...

I'm going to have to follow your boards because I love all of your finds. I am a bow-alolic, too. :)

Alyssa said...

That heart cake is awesome!!! Totally didn't think something that could be so simple!

Holly said...

$1 bows? Where!?? I need to stock up for my future daughter ;) haha Love this post! Baby Fever is in high gear for us. We only need to wait 6 more months!

Abbey S said...

Stopping in from WILW--That heart cake is so cool! Great find!

Liv Kit said...

Awesome blog. Too cute stuff from Pinterest. Awesome loves.

Leenie said...

I love what you are loving! Some of the pinterest finds are hilarious. Gotta love that site. :)