Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday:Weekend edition

I Love three day weekends, time for some sales and being with my little one while daddy-o gets to spend his time at work:P
3rd Birthday- I decided about 2 weeks ago I was going to make Megan's Birthday banner, so there I go to Pinterest to see if I could do something myself.

What I made was a combination from the two and came up with this
I will have to put holes on the corner to tie a bow with another part of the banners.
Not sure if that makes sense but I will post a picture of the finished product.

We also bought some birthday supplies from Party City

Bingo game card

While we were at Party City we actually took some funny shots of some of the things that were in there.

I have to add this side note, Jaime and I had originally planned for a small small litttle party..yeahhh that little party keeps growing and growing. Geez.

Pinterest- I saw these on Pinterst
& I just knew I had to do them. Megan gave me a little nudge to make the cake pops but I really wanted to make the glitter key.

Here are my results to both things

 I love the ending products!!!

I really want to try this craft too.
I will be making Megan a Tutu! I hope it comes out looking pretty!
I think Im going to wait on that for next week.
That was pretty much my weekend...
We also got some pretty exciting life changing news but just to be on the safe side and not jinx(yes I believe in that) anything Im going to wait on telling anyone:)

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