Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mommy daughter day.

Yesterday, I got to say was a terrific mom and daughter day.
I always wanted a little girl since FOREVER and yesterday was exactly how I pictured having a little girl would be. If that makes sense.
Usually it's Me,Megan and Jaime, only because he has not had a lot of time with her due to this past deployment,so I like to included him in everything.

On to what I was saying:) yesterday was perfect! I woke up pretty early thinking and thinking if I am brave enough to take Megan to the movies by myself.
It didnt take much thought, so I got her and I ready and ate some breakfast with her.
We then went to the Movies to watch Beauty and the Beast 3D. It took awhile for my eyes to get used to the screen. I thought Megan was going to struggle with the 3D glasses but Nope...she did splendid and LOVED them and didnt even take them off.

I have to add in the middle of the movie Megan made me get her some popcorn, so there I go in the middle of the movie to get her some popcorn and a drink. I had told her I was going to take her to McDonalds apparently she really wanted popcorn instead, cant blame her.
After the movies we went to do a little damage on daddies expense:)
We didnt do too much damage I just needed a pant and some shirts for my observations in the school Im attending.

Then we did some shopping for her...and let me tell ya..the girl will go through each and every clothing. I'll give her option on which ones she can get and she will pick for herself. She kind of has my style of clothes but alot more girly-ish than me.

When I was driving back home I could not help to think, If god only gave me this little girl for the rest of my life I would be so happy and so blessed because I at least have her...some people dont have any. I thank god he gave me her, she is truly my best friends in the whole world.
Of course if god gave me another little baby, I am going to be extremely happy too...maybe god will give Jaime his best friend:)Never know.
Not that we are trying to have another baby..maybe in 2 years:) 
Here is a picture of us yesterday at the movies.


Rebekah said...

You are very blessed! I can only hope and pray I'll be where you are someday :)

Mimay35 (^_^) said...

wow! it is really nice to have a daughter. i have 1 daughter only child. we had a great 9 yearts together. time flies so fast as they grow. t'was like yesterday when she was small. now she's like a little lady. that's why i started doing my own blog too about our "mommy & daughter moments". :)