Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend recap

Is is just me or did this past weekend just fly was like oh hi Friday too aww crap it's Sunday night already:(None the less we did have a good weekend

Friday I went to school and only had one class, of course when I came back home I had to watch some TV!
because well I have a sickness hahaha
But at night we went to Wingstop...I really don't like those wings..but my family really wanted to eat there so I just went along and gave it another shot...still don't like them though.
 The ones on the left I think are the only ones that are good.

 Saturday My mom and I went to do some shopping, I got some pretty good stuff. I needed some khakis and I also bought a blazer..I need to expand myself to new things and I think my foot is out the door to do that:)
& I also found some super cute clothes from Megan so, score!!!

It was also the day of my grandma's party.
So many babies were just amazed me how many kids were there with just us cousins. I love it but I hate it b/c I know I cant have another
(and I mean not ready not medically) baby just yet. One of my cousins seems to be popping out babies...I wish I had her strength and will power for that:)
 That night I had a dream of my grandpa(my grandma's husband) and I felt like it was a sign that he was there with us:)

I had alot of homework to do so that is what I did for about 2 hours not too bad,we also had to get some dipped cones from Dairy Queen and then we washed our cars. That was fun...I got to hose down Jaime:)

Doesnt he look awesome with his shorts falling..not!hehehe

 I hope ya'll have a good Monday night.
I for one and looking forward for Fear Factor and The Bachelor

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