Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend gone. Why cant weekends be four days long...oh wait, I guess for some of ya'll you do get a four day weekend. Lucky you all:) I still have work to do. I think I might keep Megan at home though, and see where the day takes us. During the weekend We started on some projects, made some birthday supplies, and a celebrated a birthday of a special person.

Friday, I woke up early to take a Math test at my school which I didnt do so well on, It really was hard, Im sure it's not going to be as hard as my physics test on Thursday. We will see.

When I got home Jaime and I started on a few project because well... we have a ton of projects that are calling our names. On top of our home projects we still have birthday projects. Im still not sure how all these projects will be done before Megan's party but Im going to pray that we will be done before then. At night Jaime and I decided we should have a little drink to watch with our movie. Needless to say I had a little too much.

On Saturday, I had morning class. I was so exhausted that I didnt want to get my butt up to go to class but I somehow managed to get to class. It was a short class and I was able to go shopping with my momma. I have to say though Jaime said that I don't drink enough water so what I did was drink a bottle water in class and somehow needed to pee terribly. While I was shopping with my mom I was dying inside to use the restroom. Oh my god, It was terrible, I could not shop comfortably. It was a quick shopping experience all because of Jaime:P We also did some shopping at Target, I didnt find what I was looking for, so I just bought a few things. I had to take a picture of all the baby stuff because I swear when I passed it, I just had this urge to buy everything. At night we watched the movie Along Came Polly and ended up sleeping till 12, which is a pretty big deal in this house.

Sunday was dedicated to one of my special family members. She tuned 94! I love this woman so much, its going to be the hardest thing when she leaves us, just like it was hard when my grandpa passed away.
I have to say this,it may be a little biased but she is so beautiful, and I just adore the way she is always dressed up so nice and has jewelry on. She is the cutest lady in the world.
That was the highlights of our weekend!

Oh and I have a post coming this week about a craft I made that was inspired from Pinterest. That is to come this week:)


Brianne said...

Those princess hats are awesome!

Claire said...

Love those party hats!

Your header is soo cute!