Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random text from my mom

This semester I am taking Physical Science and let me just say it is the hardest thing ever.
I just don't understand why I needed to know "what the weight of a person, who is 120 Kg or Km?"
Like seriously, who the hell cares?

This post isnt about Physical science, well maybe a little.
This is about my special person.

So yesterday after I go out of class, I began to cry in my car.
I cried because I have no idea how I will be passing this class.
Everyone seems to pretty much get it, while Im over here sinking with all the W=M/V.

I was just in my car feeling so bad for myself and out of nowhere my momma texts me and says
" I love you, & Im proud of you".

I mean seriously my mom is the absolute best.
She didnt know how much I needed that in that very moment.
& Im so thankful that she sent that text at that very moment, because I think I could have felt worse.

Thank you mommy:)

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