Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday craft from Pinterest

On Monday, I told ya'll I was going to post about a pin on pinterest that I did.
Seriously, who else is so thankful for pinterest? I would be so lost without it!
If you have noticed on my boards, I have been pinning so many birthday ideas.
The one I really liked was the number 2 with lots and lots of buttons.
When I saw this pin, I knew instantly I needed to make it.

I started with some white cardboard (like the photo), actually Im not sure if they used cardboard I just went by the photo. I also bought some buttons from walmart, that I think would look nice with Megan's birthday party colors.

I had to somehow make a "4" free hand and just erase on the parts i think needed fixing. 
It was a little hard to make it how I wanted but it came together when I was done. To cut I used Scissors at first but I found that didnt really work very well so I switched to a sharp knife and just cut down.

After I had the number and I had the buttons ready to be glued, I got my glue gun and just started to glue on all the buttons. I started with the big buttons, because they used up the most space.

This was the ending result, and I think it turned out better than what I expected. I love it and I cant wait to put it up for her birthday party.! We have more crafts coming up and we (I say "we" because I actually need Jaime's help with this next one),will be showing ya'll  how we did it.

 [Lighter photo of our number 4]

Cardboard: $0 (had some lying around here)
Buttons: $1.49 

 45 Minutes

The photo on Pinterest 


Faith said...

This is so great! Wow! It looks really good!

Pamela said...

SO cute!!