Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend recap

Well I have some news:) We do not live in the stone age with our phones. We have upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy II. Pretty excited actually our phones were so old its unbeleivable. We love the phones, although it is pretty hard to text because its kind of too big for my hand, and it has slipped off my hand once or twice already. Nonetheless I am in love with it, and so is Jaime. He likes his phone a lot. So expect a crazy amount of Instagram photos.

 So lets get to my weekend. Well it was pretty uneventful, except for a surprise I have in store for ya'll, I would tell ya'll but the person who this event is happening for, told me not to write about it so this is me not writing about it.

Friday, was spent at home because it was pretty cold outside and I had no intention of going outside except to pick up Megan from Daycare and to pick up a few things from the store. Other than that I spent my friday at home. I am so lame. Oh oh, and at 10:00 am in the morning I was on my computer like a hawk to try and get some tickets to see The Zac Brown Band buut what the website failed to mention was that the tickets were not being sold online but at the arena it was going to be taken place. This place is about 45 minutes away and I had no intention of going outside. Needless to say the tickets were sold out. I also saw the movie 'Pitch Perfect',if you have not seen the movie I urge you to get the movie.

On Thursday Jaime and I went out to buy a few things such as this furniture for Megan's room. Her room had not came together yet, we are working on one room at a time and we are trying to figure out what we want to do with it. Thanks for Pinterest I  have a few ideas but it is going to take some time to actually do them due to school and all the other few things in life that happen. The beauty of this piece of furniture is that is cost us $90!! Talk about a score! We had gone to a furniture store before and they were trying to sell us a piece of furniture that was not wood and was a lot smaller than these drawers and cost 299.00. So we left to check out an antique store and I first spotted the drawers and a million other things I wanted to buy but didnt. I will be going back to that store.
 We plan to sand it down and paint it purple and keep the white as well. That is for later though still have a few projects in the works also.

(Its funny how I went from Friday to Thursday ha!) back to Friday......

I have this vision for Megan's room which requires lots of trips to hobby lobby. I love these wood frames and when I spotted them I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them. I still have to put them up and I have to find a picture of Megan and her daddy.

Saturday I spent with my sister and then I spent some time with my books. I really had to figure out a math question and didnt feel right without understanding it, thankfully my husband was right beside me helping me. We also had plans to for a date night. We got ready and dropped off Megan with my brother for awhile till my mom returned home. We were off to see This is 40, which was soo hilarious I was crying from tears of laughter. So funny! & We also went to Chilis for a drink. I had a tropical something margarita which was delish!!! and my BIL and my SIL met up with us there. It was pretty fun night. Jaime and I were laughing and laughing about everything and anything. It is so nice to get away just the two of us:)

Sunday is Texan day! I have to watch the game for support for Jaime. Since my cowboys didnt make it we are now all Texans. Im more of a cowboys fan than a Texan but give me awhile and it will be the same:) Dont you just hate Sundays sometimes, I mean its like a cleaning, laundry "get ready for the week" type of day.  I like Fridays:)

 Oh I forgot to mention that I made Honor roll at school. Im pretty proud of myself:)


Sar said...

WOOHOO for the Honor Roll! That's fabulous! Congratulations, Diana!

(Total sidenote: I LOVE Pitch Perfect so much that I asked for it for Christmas. My favorite gift? Yup!)

Thanks for linking up with me and Syn!

Brittany said...

Awesome job on the honor roll!! My boyfriend is a huge Patriots fan so he loved the results of the game last night, sorry. Stopping by from the link up :)

Brianne said...

Totally feel ya on the ZBB tickets. I tried to buy George Strait tickets on Saturday & they sold out in under an hour.