Monday, January 7, 2013

The chalkboard Frenzy

The Chalkboard Frenzy
I was sucked into the whole Frenzy but I didnt have the "equipment" for it, I search and searched for a frame that I could use to make the chalkboard I wanted. When I moved I found a frame that I had forgotten about. After I visited the hardware store with Jaime we came back with all the right stuff.  We followed the same steps like everyone has done, and loved the ending results. My husband loves it too. 

 A tripod
I absolutely need a tripod, Im so tired of never getting a really good picture of the three of us.

My Mom
Celebrated her 40th Birthday. Yep you heard that right? Her 40th, my mom is still a young woman. Well, I would say younger than most mothers I know. She celebrated with her family, and she said she had an amazing time. I think she has wayy too much fun which she payed for in the morning but as long as she had fun with her family and friends.

 So here we are again planning another birthday party and I cant tell you all how sad it makes me that she is turning 4. I mean dont get me wrong I am so happy that the little one is growing up just like she should but I am still very sad that my little girl is turning 4!...4! My god. I still remember when I brought her from the hospital. God I miss her when she was just a baby, I wish I could just visit my past for awhile to see her little baby face again.

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Mrs. S said...

Love the chalkboard! did you just spray chalk paint right onto the glass?