Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas day!

After my Siblings finally went to sleep I managed to wake up at about 5 in the morning to see if anyone else was awake. My mom was the only one awake and she was about to head into the shower. I also woke up early so that I could write Santa's letter to Megan, which we read when we were opening presents. At about 7 in the morning everyone was awake and we were watching more Christmas movies. I want to say it was Christmas with the Kranks. We were all pretty hungry so I made some toast and some coffee for my dad.

We were all waiting on Jaime to finally come home so we could open some presents. He finally came home at about 8:15 which is kind of late by the way but he was finally home. We all sat next to the tree, and one at a time we all opened our gifts. I think Megan took the longest openeing up her presents, the girl just had wayyy too many gifts to open up.

After we were finished opening presents Jaime and I made breakfast and from there we all scattered to the rest of the families. We first went to visit our grandma and it was very intersting atmosphere, I will leave it at that; then we spent the rest of the time at my uncles where we stayed till about 9:00pm because Megan and I were beat. Jaime was called back into work and didnt come back till about 6:00pm. So he stayed at my uncles house to mingle while I left home to recover from the day. It was a very memorable day and so much fun. I cannot wait for next Christmas, Miss Megan is already asking for present for Christmas and it's still 11 months away.

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