Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

 This Christmas was very different from all the others, because......I was the host of it:) Well...for the most part I was the host of Christmas. About two weeks before Christmas, my family and I decided that Christmas was going to be spent at my house this year. I was a little nervous about blankets,beds, food. I mean I was nervous that we didnt have enough. I also had to make sure my house was spotless.

Lets back up though, it was about a week before December when we received the keys to this house. I felt relieved because where we lived; our neighbors downstairs were horrible people. I mean the "Evil Queen" would bang on the floor and she would pay us visits to keep it down. We informed our manager about the problem and she assured us that she was going to evict them but we felt like they violated our privacy and who knows if the next neighbors were going to be just like them. So we said goodbye and moved on to this wonderful house. The owners of the house are really nice people, I mean they really are nice people and the neighborhood is amazing! We hit the jackpot with this house, I feel blessed that we were given the opportunity to be in this home.

So when we all decided to do Christmas in our home I was excited and nervous, I had never hosted anything in my entire life...well I guess you can count Megan's party but this was an over night type of holiday.
 So lets flash forward to Christmas Eve in the morning. Oh I forgot to mention that my husband was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve so the cleaning and hosting was left to me and then in the morning he was going to Co-host it with me.

So that morning I was in full force, I was washing sheets,comforters, sweeping, vacuuming, I believe I even washed dishes about 5 times that day.Ahh! As most moms know though there isn't much cleaning going on when you have a toddler bringing our all her toys. That was a bit of a train wreck but I improvised and somehow got the job done. We were all set for the guests to arrive. Which were my parents, my two sisters and my brother. I gave my bedroom to my mom and me and my siblings slept in the room with Megan.

My mom came at about 5:00 to keep me company and we gossiped talked about people, celebrities, that sort of thing; Usual mother and daughter talks. Later my sister and her boyfriend came to hang out with us. My sisters boyfriend brought some amazing tamales, which later made me and my sister a tad sick but were still pretty darn good. The rest of the family came a bit later where we ate some tamales and pizza. We played some Chalupa,which is a Mexican game like Bingo, and we had a lot of fun...untill somehow my sister and her boyfriend kept winning and then we were over it. We also went to throw some reindeer food on the grass, Megan didnt really like it at first but a while later she got into it. So for the rest of the night we were watching Christmas movies. Honestly, I was ready to sleep by 10:00 but I thought It would be rude to sleep so soon.

We didnt sleep till about midnight and when we did sleep my brother and sister thought It would be really cool to start laughing hysterically, thankfully we didn't wake Megan up which was a couple of inches away from us. My brother and sisters are a little crazy, they tend to laugh uncontrollably when remembering movie lines. We waited for Megan to sleep so that we could play Santa and we brought all the Christmas presents from the laundry room. It was so much fun doing that for her. I think next year I am going to do somethings different like waiting to put everyone's presents till midnight I think it will be more magical.

Christmas post will be coming up next=)

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