Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday loves

Well this week has been stressful, I have so many projects and I always feel like I dont have enough time to do all my school work. I just hope I can survive this semester, I still have not even started my student teaching. I have been told we start sometimes soon, maybe by the end of the September. I'm hoping I don't get 6th grade but if I do it would be nice to get a glimpse at children other than elementary age.

Here is what Im loving this Wednesday

  I am loving this little artwork I did while I was taking a break from school work.I did not come up with the design it was inspired by a pin on pinterest. I love the tattoo but all I keep thinking about is how I would hide it from my students. If any of ya'll have some suggestions I would love to hear them.

I am Loving this song I heard two day ago. It brought back memories with a
 very close friend of mine back in High school.We sang this song in the most random(est) place you would probably never guess.

I am Loving that I will be doing a craft this weekend. Im pretty
 excited I have not done a craft in a very long time. So stay tuned to what I make.

I am Loving my husband,he has been such a trooper with all of my school work. He is for sure my best friend, we crack jokes at other peoples expense...thats what a best friends do right:) I was kind of hoping to go fishing this weekend but it does not look like Jaime's schedule is going to let us do just that.

 I am Loving my daughter, she is just a funny girl, and is so full of life.
 She will never know how important she is to me. I would do anything to make her happy.

I am Loving these Cinnamon rolls we ate last night. Oh my goodness they were so amazing. I ate one and my husband pretty much ate the rest. He's a crazy guy.

I am Loving the post I will be writing about our plans about having another baby.

I am LOVING the new song from Taylor Swift. Its a beautiful song about
 a little boy who lost his life to cancer.

I am Loving these pretty dresses

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lostforwords101 said...

I love that 'I'll Be' song too! And another post with cinnamon rolls! I feel like running to Starbucks right now! (cause that's the only place I know that's still open where I can get one)

Came here from WILW. :)